Privacy Policy

This page provides a clear notice of the privacy principles we follow. At Blogote, you are our visitor, and it’s extremely important for us to keep your privacy intact. This is the Privacy Policy document written just for you.

Here, we outline the types of personal information we receive and collect through you. If you require more information or have any questions to ask, feel free to drop your message on our email ID. Click here to email us.

Key Principles We Follow:

Like every other website out there, we have our own set of principles we follow.


We write pages like this one for you to keep everything transparent between us. This Privacy Policy document has everything you need to know. Apart from revealing the information we collect from you, we also share the practices employed by our online advertisers.


We give our users the freedom to do anything at Blogote. As a user, you can go to the main homepage, read our popular articles, or even leave a comment. Again, it’s up to you to share your real name and email address.


We use plugins to make sure our blog is hack-proof. We use Knownhost, our web hosting provider, to regularly check our servers for issues and fix them as soon as possible.

What Data is Collected?

Here’s what we collect from every visitor:

Minor Details

Information like your IP address, type of browser, Internet Service Provider, exiting page, landing page, number of clicks, your movement around the site and other demographic information. All this information will be automatically stored on our log files. Many website does this — we are no different.

However, the information doesn’t reveal your name, address or any kind of personally identifiable information.

We use this information to improve our site. Say, for instance, a lot of people are using Chrome browser to visit We will then make sure our blog loads faster and is not broken on Chrome. If you see more US visitors than UK or Indian visitors, we will cover more news for the US crowd. As we mentioned earlier, this helps us improve Blogote and capture more visitors.

Cookies and Web Beacons

No cookies from us, which means all of your personal information will always be with you. We don’t store or retrieve any of your personal information. Our advertisers, however, use cookie (more information below).

DoubleClick Cookie

Google uses cookie. As a third-party vendor, they serve ads on our site. These cookies enables Google to serve ads to our sote based on their interests of users.

If you don’t want Google to store cookie, and if you want complete privacy, please follow this URL:

Similar to Google, there are other advertising and media partners who will use cookies and web beacons on Blogote. For now, though, Google Adsense is our only advertising partner. We also have an “advertise on Blogote” page for our new advertisers — this is direct selling and they won’t store any cookie on your computer.

The way these third-party ad servers or ad networks use technology amazes us. The place their advertisement on our site and the links that appears on Blogote will automatically detect the type of browser used by the user. It can also receive the IP address and minor details as mentioned earlier.

These companies will measure the success and effective of advertisement and tweak it further to personalize them just for you. So, let’s say, you are going through any of these Apple articles, then chances are you will be seeing ads relevant to the article. doesn’t have any control over these ad networks’ cookies. We use third-party advertisers.

Although we are not using any other ad networks, but if you believe you require complete privacy, please contact third-party ad servers for more detailed information on their practices. Many of these ad networks have an opt-out option. Once you have chosen to not allow them to access minor details, they will stop mining information.

You may also disable cookies, if you wish to. Every browser — be it Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc. — comes with a cookie management feature. You can Google for more information, as all the browsers have this option hidden somewhere in the menu. You may also have a look at the browsers’ respective websites to get a clear picture on disabling cookies.

Blogote Privacy Policy FAQ

We regularly update this page to keep you, our visitors, updated with our privacy principles. Below you will answers to some of the questions about our new privacy policy.

When do you update your Privacy Policy?

As we add new ad networks or remove them from our site, or when we make drastic changes to Blogote, we will update this page. Last time we updated this page was on February 11th, 2013.

We are frequently updating our Privacy page to ensure that we are adhering to all applicable laws and to help our visitors understand more on how we operate.

Do you make substantial changes to Privacy Policy?

No. For a blog like ours, changes are usually minor. We did, however, remove our old page and replaced it with a brand new one (which you are currently reading). The page now highlights all our practices upfront with links to additional information.

Why Privacy Policy?

Simple, we need your trust. We are here to serve you with information, but we wanted to make it clear that our advertisers use cookies to gain access to some of your information — type of browser, IP address, etc. That said, your personally identifiable information — name, address, phone number — will never be retrieved.

Transparency, choice, access and security are the key principles we follow. We want our users to trust us. And we are assure you that you are safe here.

Do you share my contact information with advertisers?

As mentioned earlier, only your minor details will be shared with our advertisers. This happens automatically through the cookies. You can, if you wish to, opt-out or disable cookies from your browser.

Does Blogote share my information with other sites?

No. We do not sell anything to any of the websites out there. Your information is 100% safe with us. So, let’s say, if you have left a comment on one of our blog post — there are hundreds of comments on our popular posts — then we will not sell your name and email address to anyone.

Will you take my data to the offline world?

No. Only our online advertisers will use your information to serve personlized ads to you. None of your information will be sold to anyone in the offline world. Note that these online companies may or may not choose to use your information for advertising purposes. It is completely up to them to decide what’s the best for you.

What are the benefits of the new Privacy Policy?

As a user, you will be able to understand how we operate, receive, collect the data. For us, it’s a platform to showcase our users that we are 100% committed to keep your information safe.

Here is our disclaimer page.