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I have talked about using omegle for chatting with strangers, and the site has been a huge hit to quickly start a conversation online.

A few years ago we wouldn’t have thought about video chatting with people from other parts of the world. Heck, who would have thought about webcam? Now we have built-in cameras to our computer.

Another Video Chatting Website

I only knew about Chatroulette through the news circulating on the web. The site has been a new internet sensation from quite some time now. I don’t know if Omegle is inspired from Chatroulette… but both of them have been certainly the best anonymous chatting websites I’ve found till now.

Generally, reviewing websites like Chatroulette wouldn’t make much sense as it is quite straightforward to understand. In short, you need to have web cam and microphone (for audio chatting) to connect on Chatroulette to begin your online conversation, that too without registration. Click on next game to chat with random person.

Here is one of the funny screenshot from Chatroulette chat.


I would also suggest not to chat in public environment or be cautious while doing so… because there are nasty perverts who indulge in activities you don’t wanna hear from me 😛

Watch it yourself at chatroulette… lol

For the time being, is definitely the ultimate website to chat online, for free. For what its worth, I wouldn’t hesitate to rate it 5/5.

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