GriftHorse: how to prevent this Trojan

GriftHorse: how to prevent this Trojan, this virus has the ability to make arbitrary charges without the user noticing.

The Trojan that attacks billions of Android phones

A new virus is affecting millions of users of the Android operating system. And its name is “GriftHorse”, being a Trojan that appears as an apparently legitimate program, but when you open it can cause serious problems to your computer and your personal information.

Which was identified by the digital security company Zimperium, which indicates that more than 100 million devices can be affected by malware.

The aim of this virus is that users subscribe to premium services “without wanting to”. Some of those affected reported that amounts of up to 160 thousand COP pesos for subscriptions never requested appeared in their accounts.

According to the versions of specialized media, the virus can appear in various Google applications.

This search manager mentions that it has already removed some malicious apps from the Play Store, but that these can continue to be embedded within third-party platforms and continue to work on mobile phones.

According to specialists, the malware is distributed in more than 70 countries, including Colombia and Mexico.

How does the GriftHorse Trojan virus work?

If your mobile is “infected” it will begin to receive various unwanted notifications. The number of messages is so great that you can receive alerts about prizes up to five times an hour.

This is one of the tactics that many hackers use to carry out any type of scam.

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If you click on the link that has given you the malicious notification, a form will open in which you are asked to enter your cell phone number to perform a “data verification”.

If you fall into the trap, your cell phone is sent to a premium payment server via text message, which is the server that deducts money from your bank accounts without prior notice. The “GriftHorse” takes away at least 160 thousand pesos COP.

If you are being harassed with suspicious text, notifications, Install an antivirus service that will help you identify the malicious “apps” and thus be able to remove them.

List of Android apps infected by the GriftHorse Trojan

Fortunately, once you know the list of applications affected by a virus, everything is easier. Just make sure you don’t have any installed or uninstall the ones you do have:
Handy Translator Pro
Heart Rate and Pulse Tracker
Geospot: GPS Location Tracker
iCare – Find Location
My Chat Translator
Bus – Metrolis 2021
Free Translator Photo
Locker Tool
Fingerprint Changer
Call Recorder Pro
Instant Speech Translation
Racers Car Driver
Slime Simulator
Keyboard Themes
What’s Me Sticker
Amazing Video Editor
Safe Lock
Heart Rhythm
Smart Spot Locator
CutCut Pro
OFFRoaders – Survive
Phone Finder by Clapping
Bus Driving Simulator
Fingerprint Defender
Lifeel – scan and test
Launcher iOS 15
Idle Gun Tycoon
Scanner App Scan Docs & Notes
Chat Translator All Messengers
Hunt Contact
Horoscope: Fortune
Fitness Point
Qibla AR Pro
Heart Rate and Meal Tracker
Mine Easy Translator
PhoneControl Block Spam Calls
Parallax paper 3D
SnapLens – Photo Translator
Qibla Pass Direction
Photo Effect Pro
iConnected Tracker
Smart Call Recorder
Daily Horoscope & Life Palmistry
Qibla Compass (Kaaba Locator)
Prookie-Cartoon Photo Editor
Qibla Ultimate
Truck – RoudDrive Offroad
GPS Phone Tracker – Family Locator
Call Recorder iCall
PikCho Editor app
Street Cars: pro Racing
Cinema Hall: Free HD Movies
Live Wallpaper & Background
Intelligent Translator Pro
Face Analyzer
TrueCaller & TrueRecoder
iTranslator_ Text & Voice & Photo
Pulse App – Heart Rate Monitor
Video & Photo Recovery Manager 2
Fast loans 24/7
Fitness Trainer
Vector arts
Ludo Speak v2.0
Battery Live Wallpaper 4K
Heart Rate Pro Health Monitor
Locatoria – Find Location
Photo Lab
AR Phone Booster – Battery Saver
English Arabic Translator direct
VPN Zone – Fast & Easy Proxy
100% Projector for Mobile Phone
Forza H Mobile 4 Ultimate Edition
Amazing Sticky Slime Simulator ASMR‏
Clap To Find My Phone
Screen Mirroring TV Cast
Free Calls WorldWide
My Locator Plus
iSalam Qibla Compass
Language Translator-Easy&Fast
WiFi Unlock Password Pro X
Pony Video Chat-Live Stream
Zodiac : Hand
Ludo Game Classic
Loca – Find Location
Easy TV Show
Qibla correct Quran Quran Quran
Dating App – Sweet Meet
R Circle – Location Finder
Ela-Salaty: Muslim Prayer Times & Qibla Direction
Qibla Compass
Soul Scanner – Check Your
CIAO – Live Video Chat
Plant Camera Identifier
Color Call Changer
Squishy and Pop it
Keyboard: Virtual Projector App
Scanner Pro App: PDF Document
QR Reader Pro
FX Keyboard
You Frame
Call Record Pro
Free Islamic Stickers 2021
QR Code Reader – Barcode Scanner
Bag X-Ray 100% Scanner
Phone Caller Screen 2021
Translate It – Online App
Mobile Things Finder
Phone Search by Clap
Second Translate PRO
3D Camera To Plan
Qibla Finder – Qibla Direction
Stickers Maker for WhatsApp
Qibla direction watch (compass)
Piano Bot Easy Lessons
CallHelp: Second Phone Number
FastPulse – Heart Rate Monitor
Caller ID & Spam Blocker
Free Coupons 2021
HOO Live – Meet and Chat
Easy Bass Booster
Coupons & Gifts: InstaShop
Launcher iOS for Android
Call Blocker-Spam Call Blocker
Live Mobile Number Tracker

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