How to turn on a mobile that has a broken power button

mobile that has a broken power button

Software failures are just as dangerous as hardware failures. This time we are going to talk about the second, precisely the one that refers to the mobile power button. If you have had the bad luck that your button to turn on the mobile does not work, nothing happens, we will try to solve it as quickly as possible without having to go to the workshop to charge us as much as the cost of the phone itself. terminal.

There are several things we can try to turn on a mobile that does not have the power button working.

These are the options that can help you

Index of contents:

  • 1 Use the volume and home keys
  • 2 Use the volume keys
  • 3 Remove the battery and put it back
  • 4 Wait for the mobile to run out of battery
  • 5 use force
  • 6 Repair the power button

Use the volume and home keys

In many mobiles, the power button can be replaced by another combination of keys that perform the same function. In this case, it consists of pressing the volume buttons at the same time as the physical “Home” button.

After three seconds of having these buttons pressed, the mobile should turn on by itself. If not, you can try again waiting longer, although it would be weird if it ended up turning on if it did not do it on the first try.

If your terminal is from the last two years, you probably will not have a physical “Home” button, so this option will not be the one you are looking for.

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Use the volume keys

Another option that also works on many terminals is to press only the volume buttons at a time for three seconds. This option could be ideal for terminals that do not have the Home button.

After those three seconds, hopefully, the mobile would start. If not, we should try another option other than this one.

Remove the battery and put it back

There are mobiles that when you remove the battery and put it back in automatically turn on. Unfortunately, this trick would only work on old terminals. Now the normal thing is that you do not have access to touch the battery since the mobiles arrive closed with the greatest of protections so that we cannot access their interior.

Wait for the mobile to run out of battery

An option similar to the previous one is to wait for the mobile to turn off because the battery runs out. We must connect it to the charger and wait with crossed fingers for it to turn on by itself and give us access to Android.

Many of us allow this option but we should not leave it untested.

Use the force

If the previous options have not worked, it is best to use force or at least skill. Try to take a pin or something similar to be able to put it through a side slot of the physical power button and tracing to try to reach the interior switch that makes the mobile turn on.

In case this option does not work either … we are going to have a problem.

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Repair the power button

What remains if none of the above has worked is to ask for a quote from a technical service that can fix the power button. Without a doubt, it is important to compare several budgets to be able to choose the one that best suits our budget and that also gives us the greatest confidence. The most expensive is not always the best and the cheapest is not the worst.

Even so, if you know another system to be able to turn on the mobile you can publish it in the comments and thus help those who need it. Thanks.