Best PSP Racing Games. Car Racing Games for PSP 3004

Reviewing the top car psp games in the racing section. All of these games can be played on PSP 3004, PSP 3000 or older version of Sony PSP if you’ve upgraded your firmware. If you have a hacked PSP, these games come for free. 

Although psp games can’t be compared with those heavy gaming console, but when it comes to portable gaming experience; Sony psp clinches an convincing victory not just because of the small screen, but because of those highly addictive graphical games that are available for such an portable device which is really amazing.

Apart from the list of best car racing games that I’ll be mentioning here, note that the psp store also have games like dirt 2, halfbrick rocket racing which actually has an pretty neat gameplay with improved visuals and I am yet to try them out! So, with an exception, these are my best psp car racing games for psp 3004 for 2010..

Best PSP Car Racing Games 2010-2011

5. Need For Speed (NFS) Series

There are many NFS car racing simulation games available for the PSP. The NFS Shift, Most wanted and NFS Carbon for PSP all have similar goals.. i.e, to compete with your opponent and win the race on street.

The graphics aren’t as awesome as it’s on the console but definitely it’s worth owning and playing for a couple of times.

4. Twisted Metal Head On

This game is more of an car crashing game where you can drive crazily and crash cars. Pretty different from the rest of the car racing games, you try to destroy your 5 opponents using machine gun, nutty rocket and other ultimate weapons.

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The graphics of twisted metal head on is quite decent and I really enjoyed destroying my enemies! 😀

3. Ridge Racer 2 Game

The game when played in closer view has the best graphics for a psp game. The cars are pretty ordinary but as you cruise along as a winner you will find interesting maps and cars.

The surrounding graphics are pretty good, would be awesome if they displayed the car crashes or damages but that’s too much to ask I know. Overall, Ridge racer is really good racing game.

2. Burnout Series Game

Both the burnout legends and burnout dominator for PSP makes it at no.2 for the best racing games on PSP. However, burnout dominator seems to be slightly better than burnout legends because of the enhanced graphics and better cars.

The game has those car crashing views which makes it spectacular.

1. Gran Turismo Game

Among the most sold psp games, Gran turismo tops the position for being the best psp car racing games. You can drive those conceptual cars on roads and experience the racing environment.

Let’s keep it short – Gran Turismo is fun, addictive and no.1 PSP Car racing game for me.