Demonoid Server is Down

Yes, Demonoid has disappeared.

How many of you are able to access The popular torrent site has been down since three days, and don’t expect it to be up anytime soon.

So why is Demonoid Down?

Demonoid servers, according to Torrentfreak, has been hit by DDoS. As soon as the site fixed the problem, it was hit with yet another attack, making the situation worse and difficult for the admin to bring the site back up.

This is the error message you will receive when you visit

Server too busy

The action you requested could not be completed because the server is too busy.

Please try again in a few minutes

Do not click reload – Use the following links?Clicking reload will get you this page again

Your browser may also fail to open Demonoid (as the server is completely down), throwing out error messages like this:


Server not found – Firefox can’t find the server at

Regular Demonoid users may know that demonoid goes down frequently, but that doesn’t stop them from coming back to the site. This time, however, the fix seems to take them longer than before.

What Next?

I, like many of you, can’t digest the fact that Demonoid is not working anymore. We are now left with no other options than to wait for the site to be up. But if you hate to play the waiting game, you may want to sign up at other torrent sites. These articles may help you:

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