Download Halo Desktop Themes Icons and Windows Mobile Skins

Time to get some of the best Halo desktop themes, icons and much more.

As you probably know, Halo is one of the well known video Sci-Fi shooting game for Xbox and PCs. There are tons of free Halo Trial games, Halo Music theme Videos on Youtube and innumerable number of reviews along with cheat codes & guides available on the Internet.

Here we have a collection of resources for Halo-maniacs, ranging from MS style Windows themes and icons to windows media player skins. And windows mobile users can get Halo skins to download, too.

Halo 3 Theme Windows XP

A powerful Halo 3 Desktop Theme that comes with 11 attractive wallpapers with catchy Halo 3 Game Screenshots.

Standard and Wide resolutions of the wallpapers are also included in this Windows Halo theme! The theme is developed and provided for free by  Belch Fire forum, just patch the dll and you are ready to use this theme on your Windows XP platform.

Download Halo 3 Theme for Windows XP.

PC Halo Desktop Theme

Bunch of Halo theme styles (Windows Blind) including Media player Winamp halo skin, Rainlendar, Cursor XP and much more for Windows by Win customize forum for your PC.

Download WindowBlinds Link | Winamp Link | Rainlendar Link | CursorXP Link | LogonUI Link

Halo Skin for Windows Media Player

A great looking Halo 2 skin for Default Windows Media player on Windows.

The skin looks more like a gadget and has some good sound effect! Perfect skin for your Windows Media player. I have been using the same theme on my Windows player for quite some time.

Download Halo Media Player Skin

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Halo Winamp Player Skin

Another Good Looking Winamp skin created by a Halo games fan! (Below 1st Pic)

Download Halo Combat

Halo Blue skin For Windows MSN messenger

Deviant Art guy Kefeng created this Windows live MSN messenger skin with Halo avatars and fading Halo background characters which will blend well with the Halo Windows XP theme.

Download Halo Messenger Skin

Halo Green dark Icons

A nicely designed icon set of 9 icons with a more original Halo looks from Deviant Art.

Dark Halo Icons

Halo 3 Icons from Crsytal XP

Simple White background along with jelly Greenish colored icons provided by Crystal Xp!

Halo Transformer Windows Mobile Theme

Latest halo theme based on Halo 3 Game for Windows Mobile phones. Designed for both Halo as well as Transformer fans gathered from WM themes

Download Halo 3  Theme

Apple Halo Windows Mobile Theme

Another Halo Theme for Windows Mobile phone/Pocket PC PDA devices which integrates the apple logo and the Halo icons!

Download Apple Halo Theme For Windows Cell Phones!

So there you have it! An exclusive collection of themes, icons, and many other Halo-related stuffs here. If you have something that’s worth sharing, please do so through the comments below. We would be glad to include more resources on Halo — from games to wallpapers and icons.