Fool Your Friends by Typing Ridiculously Faster on Keyboard

Anyone can type on a keyboard but typing ridiculously faster is what really counts.

Practice… That’s what you need to be a fast typer, but if that’s not your strongest area then there’s a web service to help you. No, we are not talking about how to type accurately and faster. We are talking about how to bash your keyboard keys ruthlessly and yet generate a neat set of words. Thousands of words.

Simply type anything on your keyboard and you’ll have amazingly accurate lines of code generated in no time. You satisfy yourself and, most importantly, fool your friends. Ready to get started?

How to Type Ridiculously Faster From Your Keyboard

Hacker Typer makes you feel like a real hacker who is coding something really serious. Basically you have to visit the homepage, add details (optional), and hit the Hack! button.

A blank black page with green flashing key appears where you are free to type anything. Repeatedly hit any keys from your keyboard to send the message to your friends that you are on a mission to save the world. The end result is surely satisfying:

This seems silly, I know. But if you have nothing to do, and if you have someone sitting next to you, then fire up this website and start typing only to leave them in awestruck.

Bonus tip: Hit the Option button on Mac keyboard 3 times and Access Granted box appears out of nowhere.

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