Uh! 3 Toilet web search engine to find clean Public toilets

Well,the title says it all! We know search engine yields a lot of results,but here are two specifically built search engine which searches for cleanest public toilets to save your pants at the right time.The concept of this toilet search engine may be unwanted and a waste of time to some people but when you are desperate then you will understand the value for a clean bathroom.

Also you can browse these sites using mobile phones,so that when you are traveling and want to run for relief then these websites will find some quality toilets.. ! A toilet in need is a toilet indeed!

Public toilet search engine for USA

Diaroogle helps you find quality public hygienic and private bathroom/toilets easily.For now you can

search New York city public toilets but it will be adding much more major toilet database  soon.Though the database of toilets are small but they are accurate and detailed enough,diaroogle also rates each toilets in terms of Privacy,Cleanliness and accessibility.

Using Diaroogle for Mobile phones

Just Visit diaroogle.com, and you will see a text-version of this site. From there you can enter an address, a cross street, a zip code, or a neighborhood and diaroogle will send you back the top three toilets in that particular area.

Mizpee Public Clean Toilet search engine

MizPee Search engine – A San Francisco based company which not only finds you the nearest clean toilet  but also gives access for users to vote for and select it as best.At the end of the year they announce the best most voted public toilets.

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Mizpee also has their European version of search engine which searches public toilets from Rome,Paris,London,Brussels,Berlin and Barcelona.They also have a ‘Pee points’ section which is coming very soon.I am not sure what it is but it will be fun for US people.

Using Mizpee for Mobile phones

Mizpee supports 9 Mobile networks,simply enter your mobile phone number and carrier, and we will send the URL to your phone!

Find Database of Toilets Worldwide

For those of you who doesn’t stay in US will love this Toilet database which 12000+ public

bathrooms in more than 100 countries.The site has been for 8 years which has a huge toilet collections.The most favorite component of this database is that it has worldwide toilet information which makes it unique.

Stop searching Google or wikiPEEdia and use these website when you are struggling to control yourself!