Beware of the false message about the third dose of the vaccine: try to steal your WhatsApp

Beware of the false message about the third dose of the vaccine

With the excuse of the third covid vaccine they are trying to scam people with a call and a message with the aim of trying to steal your WhatsApp account, so you have to be very careful with a message you receive with information of these characteristics.

Actually, what is happening is that calls are being made impersonating Social Security to get the third vaccine against the coronavirus, informing the victims to offer them a code that arrives via text message.

The reality is that this message is a WhatsApp verification code, that is, someone would be trying to register your phone number on WhatsApp and on a mobile other than yours, so you don’t have to offer any type of code to anyone on a call.

Impersonation to scam

According to the Internet User Safety Office, what they are doing here is clearly impersonating Social Security to scam users, making them believe that the code they receive by SMS will probably help them make an appointment for the third dose of the vaccine.

Nothing is further from the truth, the only thing they want is to steal control of your WhatsApp account, and therefore, make you unable to recover your account. The best thing in this case, if you fall into the trap, is to contact WhatsApp immediately.

Surely they can help you recover your account, but first, you can take a series of measures in case it could happen to you in the future and one of them is to activate the two-step verification of WhatsApp, a security method that protects your account against cybercriminals.

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With this method activated, cybercriminals would not only need the code that has arrived by SMS and that the alleged victim would have given them, but also the 6-digit two-step verification code that only you know and should not offer to anyone.

Also, keep something in mind, the third dose of the vaccine is only being administered to a small group of elderly people and in other very specific conditions, it is not approved for the general population, so it is an aspect that you should also know.

Knowing that Social Security is not calling to ask you for a code that arrives by SMS because they are really impersonating your identity to give you a supposed third dose of the vaccine, you must be careful and ignore what they tell you on the call, they just want to steal your WhatsApp account, even so, if you have doubts, better call your doctor and find out in detail.