How to Open Feeddemon url Links in Internet Browser Tab

Feed demon 3 beta reader was released few months ago which had an genuinely likeable interface and easy management system for reading your feeds, as an added advantage feedemon is an useful freeware!

But, whenever you are clicking on the link of Feeddemon feeds, the website opens itself in the feeddemon window (You can also open in new tab of feed demon). And to open links of website in your favorite internet browser you have to apply certain customization. These simple tips will help you to open external links in new window tab in feed demon.

Firefox and Hotkey solution:

Thanks to one of the forum member who created an auto hot key script that allows you to open feed demon links in the background of Firefox browser. All you need is an Autohotkey program (download) which is a free program for running scripts and use them with combinational keystrokes.

Once you have autohotkey installed, you have to add this script for opening feed demon website urls on firefox background tab. This works with older version of feed demon as well!

Easy solution For opening links:

Currently, I am using feed demon 3 version which has built in option to open links in new tab of your internet browser. Using the ‘options’ menu you will be able to open links of website or any url from feed demon in firefox, opera, Safari or Chrome; whichever is your default browser!

Go to tools –> options and click on ‘reading’ dialog tab. Now, check the option “Open external links in default browser instead of inside FeedDemon” and click on ‘Apply’. Restart feed demon if you want and now each links clicked on feed demon opens in your default internet browser 😉

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Another Feeddemon tip – I had already written a simple trick to remove feed demon ads. But the step by step instruction from Martin proved beneficially for completely removing ads from Feed demon. Thanks Martin!