How to turn off the embedded battery cell phone

embedded battery cell phone

The use of embedded batteries cellphones is now becoming more popular than removable batteries.

However, the planted battery also has some drawbacks, such as being able to make the cellphone hang and get stuck. HP that is in a hang and stuck condition must be turned off first to be able to run normally again.

Well, the problem is that many people don’t know how to turn it off. Therefore, here is how to turn off the planted cell phone that hangs & is stuck.

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  • How to Turn Off a Hanging and Stuck Planted Battery Cellphone
    • 1. Force restart
    • 2. Wait until the battery runs out on its own
    • 3. Disassemble the Embedded Battery
    • 4. View the HP Manual
    • 5. Take it to the Service Center
  • Steps to Avoid Hanging & Stuck Cellphones
  • Conclusion

How to Turn Off a Hanging and Stuck Planted Battery Cellphone

The only way to turn off the embedded HP battery that hangs is by force. This has to be done because the cellphone is experiencing a bootloop and cannot respond to any commands from the user.

This method can be applied to all android phones with built-in battery types such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Lenovo and others.

For more details, here are some ways to turn off the planted battery cellphone that is experiencing hang and stuck:

1. Force restart

The first way you can do to turn off the embedded battery cell phone that hangs is pressing the power button and volume up button at the same time.

As for the length of pressing the button, it varies by brand or type of cellphone. Usually the pressing time until the HP can turn off starts from 10 seconds to 30 seconds.

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If the button combination above still can’t make the cellphone turn off, you can try using the button combination below.

  • Button power button and the volume down.
  • Button power , the key volume up and button volume down.
  • Button power button and the home .

2. Wait until the battery runs out on its own

The next way to deal with the HP battery planting error is to wait for the battery to power off and die.

Even if it’s in a hang or stuck condition, if the battery power used runs out, the cellphone will automatically turn off.

To turn it back on, you just need to charge it as usual. Later the HP will restart and the system will refresh automatically.

3. Disassemble the Embedded Battery

Another way to turn off the embedded battery type HP if it hangs is to disassemble and remove the battery.

To disassemble it you need to do the following steps:

  • Opening the SIM Card Tray : The first step is to open the SIM card tray by plugging the SIM ejector into the SIM card tray so that it will come out by itself.

If you don’t have a SIM ejector , you can use a needle or pin that matches the size of the SIM card tray hole .

  • Opening the HP Back Case : After that you need to open the back case of the cellphone using the spudger that has been prepared. You can open the case using a spudger by prying it out.

Then you can comb all parts of the back casing until the casing successfully opens perfectly.

  • Removing the Battery Connector : After successfully dismantling the SIM card tray and the back case of the cellphone, you must remove the battery connector. The battery connector itself serves to distribute electrical power from the battery to all components contained in the HP.
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To remove the battery connector you have to be careful and also careful so as not to damage the battery connector. You can use the prying tool or spudger to pry out the battery connector.

  • Disassembling the Loudspeaker Module : Before disassembling the battery components, you must first disassemble the loudspeaker module using a screwdriver that has been prepared previously.

Once the screw is removed, you can use a spudger or prying tool to pry the loudspeaker module out of position,

  • Removing the Battery : After all the components have been disassembled, then you can remove the implanted battery that is in the cellphone.

First of all to remove the battery you need to remove the adhesive first by pulling it slowly so it doesn’t twist or break.

To pry the battery out of its position, you can use a card or guitar pick with a firm texture to remove it from the adhesive.

After the battery has been successfully removed, you can wait a few minutes and then reinstall the battery in the same way.

You can also read references to replace HP planted batteries

4. View the HP Manual

Usually in the manual provided on the HP box, there are several solutions to the problem.

You can find information about how to solve the problem of a cellphone that is hanging and stuck because maybe each type and brand of HP has a different way.

5. Take it to the Service Center

The last, easiest way for you to do is to take the cellphone to a service center to be repaired by an expert.

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At the service center you can also use the warranty card that has been given if it is still valid.

But if your warranty card is no longer valid, of course you need to pay to repair it to the service center .

Steps to Avoid Hanging & Stuck Cellphones

non-removable battery type HP or a planted battery that hangs will certainly be inconvenient for users. To avoid this, you can do several ways such as the following.

  • Use the Original Charger: To avoid the HP implanted battery having an error, it’s better to use the original original charger from the HP factory because the power and voltage specifications are appropriate.

If you use a charger that doesn’t match the battery specifications, chances are the battery will be damaged and make the cellphone hang.

  • Maintaining Battery Temperature: The next step to avoid a hang and stuck cellphone is to maintain the battery temperature. Try not to let the battery temperature get too hot to make the HP turn itself off .


The methods above have proven to be effective for turning off the planted battery HP that hangs & stuck because I have tried it myself.

If you do it right, then the HP will turn off by itself and after turning on the system will return to normal.