Free Demonoid Invitation Code 2011 – 2012

As most of you know Demonoid is the best Private Torrent tracking site on the web world. Due to high volume of user activities and website maintenance you can see demonoid website being down most of the times.

Luckily there are online solutions to find out if is offline. And I’ve seen people requesting for Demonoid account to download from torrent clients desperately. Here I am, giving away free demonoid invitation codes that will help you make an account on instantly.

Get Demonoid Invitational Codes

Of course you can find people trading invitation codes and no wonder most of the people I know are trading bitme invitation in return of 2-3 Demonoid invites.

Though I am not a fan but I assume a lot of people are hunting for free demonoid invitational code and invites via email. Unlike others on the Internet, I’m not here to trade, but share with you the working invitation codes of Demonoid, which I think might be really useful for some of you.

All you need to do is to copy the invite codes given below and use it to sign up for the account. Once the code is used, you won’t be able to use it again i.e, the code expires. Make sure you subscribe via comments (below) to get updates on new invitation codes of Demonoid which I will be passing on through Comments. If you are lucky and got registered to Demonoid torrent site then make a comment so that other people are aware that the invitation code is expired.. By the way, if you already have demonoid invite code and willing to share then please pass it on via comments so that most of the people will be thankful for your efforts.

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All the invitational codes are generated from my own account, here we go…