Rapidshare Proxy(ies)? Possible to bypass Rapidshare download limit

People who couldn’t obtain Rapidshare premium accounts try out various ways to access and bypass the rapidshare download limit. Some might try out download manager, rapidshare proxy websites and other tricks for multiple file download from the rapidshare server.

Rapidshare Proxy works ?

The question remains unanswered, actually there are tons of websites and clever people who develop ways to access and download files as a rapidshare premium user. Some of the rapidshare proxies work on a certain time of the day. Other proxies are relatively updated within few hours and supports the download of Rapidshare files. So hunt for such proxies which are not expired and regularly updated.

We can name these as “Rapidshare Proxy” because Rapidshare Premium link generator make use of server that will download using unique IP address. Normally you will find tons of Rapidshare premium link generator websites but most of them expire after a few weeks as lots of users try to download files, billing high server usage and maintenance cost. So the owner of such sites usually shut downs link generator!

So how do you bypass download limit on Rapidshare files ?

rapidshare_logoThere are two simple ways to download files from Rapidshare.com without purchasing any premium account – As most of you know Proxies are used to bypass a website restriction or to access any blocked site from your computer. Though their are some proxy sites but most of them doesn’t work for Rapidshare.com as Rapidshare algorithm is up to date and doesn’t allow you to download multiple files without a premium user account. But with a search, you can find some working rapidshare proxies that are daily updated and expired.

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The possible best way is to make use of free Rapidshare download manager. Note that some of the rapidshare download manager are nothing but spyware or adware which can infect your PC quickly and the only cure is to buy commercial anti virus product which is not recommended. But in the list of best rapidshare downloader I’ve mentioned a few working rapidshare download manager, so do check them out and download files legally as a free user from Rapidshare.com