Latest Orkut Proxy(ies) sites to access blocked orkut

Though Orkut is used as a social networking site everywhere it has been blocked in most of the places like schools, offices and other working area as most of the people are addicted to it. But if you want to access and unblock orkut site then there are proxies for orkut which enables you to login, access your orkut profile even if the administrator has banned Orkut login.

Most of  HTTP proxies are a way to bypass the website restriction filters and helps you to access blocked sites like Orkut,Myspace,facebook.Working proxies are the proxy sites which will help you login to sites anonymously.These anonymous proxy surfing site lets you bypass any internet filter from your college, office or schools to let you surf orkut account.

Just visit the proxy site, enter your orkut login details to access your profile.

Unblocking Orkut by using proxy sites

Some of the latest new proxy website works for the time being and some doesn’t work.I will be updating the new list of proxy sites regularly and if you find any working proxy which unblocks orkut then don’t forget to mention here so that I can add those proxies in the current proxy list!

Office Orkut –  Office Orkut is a working proxy site for orkut,facebook,myspace,Hi5 and bebo.It uses Glype web based php proxy so you won’t find any difficulty to access website!

  1. Orkut Proxy – Easy working orkut proxy
  2. iBy Pass – Unblocks Orkut,Myspace,youtube
  3. Apus proxy – Another fast proxy
  4. Orkut oxy – A proxy for orkut site
  5. Maskon – Anonymous proxy site
  6. Easy Orkut – Clone of Proxut for Orkut
  7. Page mod – Orkut accessing proxy site
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