PDF To TXT File. How to Convert PDF into Text File Format Freely

Here are some simple and free ways to convert PDF to txt (text) files, although you may find several commercial ways to convert pdf into text files but if you’re willing to push yourself in investing some time then you can easily convert pdf to text format without spending any money.

I was just glancing across some commercial apps where I found out few expensive pdf to txt converters, surely they are useful if you want to convert bulk pdfs into text files, but for converting a small pdf to text file – you don’t really have to buy any converters of that sort.

Convert PDF to Text (.txt) File Format

The first way is to make use of Google docs. Upload your document in the Google docs and alongside, open an empty notepad file. While you are viewing the document, you can copy the text using ctrl+c and paste it into the empty notepad file using ctrl+v. Pretty easy if you have an internet connection.

The second method which I am talking about is highly recommended, you need to download the free pdf reader – Foxit reader. With foxit, you can select all the text with an single click and paste it onto the notepad file.

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