What is PRC File and How to Open .PRC File Extension

Wondering what is a prc file?  Although, there are many variants of PRC files, here we are dealing with PRC Palm File. PRC is actually an Palm Resource Code File – A file that is used as an Palm OS text document.

So, if you want to read prc files then you need to have handheld device that has Palm OS. However, even other devices provide support for viewing prc file extensions and they are mentioned in this post.

You can convert an java or html pages into compatible PRC file format. There are also PRC converters that you can use to convert .prc into standard format.

Opening .PRC File Extension

PRC Files are not for your PC (in some cases there exist PRC readers;

but they are supplied along with/for the device). They are built for handheld (Palm) and e-reading devices.

For handheld device, when you double click on such files – it will be ready for the set up to install at next HotSync so you can transfer PRC files on your handheld and view them.

Compatible eReader devices such as Amazon Kindle or any eBook reader like Mobi pocket reader supports prc file format as well. You can transfer PRC files to such eReaders and view or edit the prc file extension (if supported).

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