PlayStation Credit Card Issue: 77 Million PSN Users’ Data Leaked

A death blow for all the PlayStation: Hackers have been able to pull out over 77 million PlayStation users’ data, this includes all the personal details, email addresses and more importantly, your credit card information.

According to the latest news unfolded at Guardian, hackers have managed to steal users’ personal information during the PSN outage last week. What was considered as an “intrusion” into the PlayStation system has been, as Guardian says, the worst security breach in history.

All the PlayStation users, especially those who have traded their consoles like Xbox for PS3, are infuriated by the shoddy handling of Sony against the hackers, and rightly so.

Credit Card Information Breach on PlayStation Network

According to another website, VGN365, fraudulent activities with the credit card were noticed this week. The victim, Josh, sent an email notifying about the obscure withdrawal of $300 from his debit card this Saturday. Read the entire email:

Some of the users have already cancelled their card and are going for a replacement card (new card), which I believe is a safest thing to do right now. Also, note that there is no creditability of this email (read the comments on the site) and some of the readers believe this is nothing but a “troll” — now it is up to you to decide what is good for you.

Wait is all one can do…

With so much happening in the PlayStation universe, Sony’s security practices are taken into question, and the only way for Sony to regain its iconic status is to build trust and throw in a positive announcement as early as possible.

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PlayStation gamers are left handicapped, in a disabled state, not being able to make their voices count. Right now, all us good gamers can do is kneel down with hands folded, praying for Sony to state that no details were leaked/stolen by the hackers.