Omegle Brings Text and Video Chatting Service to the Table connects people of all kinds through its free text and video chatting service. If you haven’t visited the site yet, you should know that chatting on Omegle is super easy — simply visit the website to start a conversation with strangers within seconds.

You are not going to chat with people you know. In fact, you are going to chat with strangers, which is the beauty of this website.

Omegle brings Internet people together. You connect with random people, start a conversation — can be either video or text chat — and if you are bored, hit the ‘disconnect‘ button to start a new chat conversation.

I have been using Omegle chatting service for quite a while now! In fact, I am proud to tell you that when the website was launched in 2009, I was right there talking with strangers. That was pretty darn fun! The site now has video webcam facility, making it easier to visually witness and talk to people from all parts of the world, without leaving your room.

Table of Contents

1. Omegle Fun Facts

Omegle Fun Facts
  • Omegle was started out of boredom by Leif K-Brooks, who is still a college student.
  • Omegle is pronounced as Oh-meg-ull.
  • About 20% of Omegle’s traffic comes from referrals. The rest 80% is direct traffic — users who type the website name in the address bar.
  • Leif’s mom thought was a “stupid thing to tell kids.”
  • Omegle runs on Linode server and makes money through Adsense program.
  • Python language was used to create Omegle script. The site also uses Twisted framework for networking.
  • Spammers are automatically blocked through various heuristics.
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2. Omegle Tricks

Below you will find some interesting tricks to try out on the strangers you are chatting with. I will keep updating this article as I find newer tricks.

2.1. The Best Omegle Facebook Trick

Imagine a stranger on Omegle trolling you, and you will shock him/her by showing their Facebook profile. How to do it? Learn more:

Creative Facebook Omegle Prank

2.2. Trace IP Address and Location

Track the IP address of any Omegle user using this free Windows program. You can also trace the location of the user you are chatting with — works on both text and video chat.

2.3 Finding Girls on Omegle

Finding girls on Omegle is possible with this nifty little trick. You will be able to find people of similar interests very easily.

How to Find Girls on Omegle

3. Omegle Resources

Some of the common problems and issues are discussed in this section. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

3.1. Setting up Webcam on Omegle

Starting a video conversation on Omegle for the first time? And you don’t know how to activate your computer’s webcam? Here’s a quick little tutorial to help you setup the web camera.

Webcam Settings For Omegle

3.2. List of Omegle websites

There are over 25+ sites designed similar to — all of them are free and offers both text and video chatting feature. You can browse through these country-specific sites to meet fun people.

Check out the network of Omegle sites.

4. Omegle Conversations

Updating article…

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4.1. Text Conversations on Omegle

4.2. Video Conversations on Omegle