List of Omegle websites

Looking for sites like but one that works in a regional language? Leif, a college dropout and owner of Omegle, has a network of websites. These Omegle websites are regional, which means if you are from the UK, and if you want to start a text or video conversation with someone in the UK, use the Omegle’s UK website. Similarly, there are over 35 Omegle sites available for everyone.

To make browsing these websites easier, look at the Table of Contents given below. Also note that we have written a lot of articles, tips and tricks related to Omegle which I am sure you will find interesting. Check out our main Omegle page for more.

Note: To visit the website, copy the URL and paste it in the address bar of your browser. I was forced to not link them as the URLs keep changing from time to time.
Table of Contents

1. Network of Omegle Sites

Omegle Canada

Canadians can start both text and video chat using the Omegle’s Canada website. Over 1000 of users are online anytime.

Website URL:

Omegle India

Indians can use the new Omegle India site to find people of similar interests. Although the activity is a lot less compared to other sites, you may still love it.

Website URL:

Omegle Saudi Arabia

Omegle’s new website for Saudi Arabians brings both text, video and spy mode. You can start a conversation instantly.

Website URL:

Omegle UK

People of United Kingdom can talk to strangers from within UK and all parts of the world using this Omegle’s new website. No need to register.

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Website URL:

Omegle Australia

Omegle is really popular in Australia. A new sub-domain for Australians is available to start chatting locally.

Website URL:

Omegle Sweden

Sweden version of Omegle is now available for everyone. The design and look is similar to the main omegle website — nothing has changed.

Website URL:

Omegle Netherlands

Are you from Netherlands? Omegle offers a quick and easy way to start a webcam and text chat online.

Website URL:

Omegle Turkey

People from Turkey can access the Omegle Turkey website to randomly connect with people.

Website URL:

Omegle New Zealand

Start talking to strangers, New Zealanders! Omegle NZ offers similar chatting interface but localized for people in New Zealand.

Website URL:

Omegle Ireland

Yet another version of Omegle, but this time it’s for Ireland. Pretty straight-forward interface.

Website URL:

Omegle US

Compared to the original website, the US version offers nothing new. Same people, same features.

Website URL:

Omegle France

Want to talk to strangers in French? Omegle France is a good place to start. Lots of people are online, chatting away for fun.

Website URL:

Omegle Germany

German version of the popular Omegle site. Nothing new when we talk about the design.

Website URL:

Omegle China

Chinese can rejoice as they can finally use Omegle to talk to strangers, and hopefully connect with them in real life.

Website URL:

Omegle Japan

Japanese version of Omegle offers text, video and spy conversation instantly.

Website URL:

Omegle Nigeria

Another Omegle clone script that is targeted for people in Nigeria.

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Website URL:

Omegle Mexico

Mexicans from all parts of the world can connect via webcam using Omegle’s mexico site.

Website URL:

Omegle Indonesia

If you are from Indonesia, or if you like the culture of Indonesia, this is the site you ought to visit.

Website URL:

Omegle South Korea

Witness South Koreans and have fun exchanging thoughts and ideas.

Website URL:

Omegle Iran

The newly added Iran version of Omegle has been localized for Iranians.

Website URL:

Omegle Italy

Italians can use Omegle for chatting with people from Italy and around the world.

Website URL:

Omegle Philippines

Another newly added addition to Omegle’s network of sites, Omegle Philippines offers nothing new to the table — a good site nonetheless.

Website URL:

Omegle Brazil

Brazilians can finally meet people of similar interests using this new site.

Website URL:

Omegle Spain

Are you interested in Spanish language? Have a video chat with people of Spain in a matter of seconds.

Website URL:

Omegle Pakistan

Pakistan version of Omegle is here. Visit the site, decide if you want to have a text or webcam chat and talk to Pakistanis for hours together.

Website URL:

Omegle Russia

Russians can connect to Omegle for chatting using the local Russia site.

Website URL:

Omegle Vietnam

Are you a Vietnamese? This new site is just for you.

Website URL:

2. Omegle Apps

2.1. Facebook App

Connect to Omegle using your existing Facebook account. You have to add the Omegle chat app before. If you are interested in girls, please read this article on how to find girls on Omegle, which is a great way to pass your time finding like-minded people.

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