My Stumbleupon Tips to Generate Traffic on Blogs/Websites

I always love stumbleupon website because of the quality of websites being stumbled everyday. The stumbleupon toolbar makes stumbling website very easy and once your website gets good stumbles then the article becomes viral. In short – You generates huge amount of traffic to your blog.

Social media Sites like Stumbleupon are the best way to get exposure to your precious killer articles. Though the traffic from them are not very targeted but they will generate good amount of pageviews and some might subscribe/stick to your blog and also stumble your future posts.

Stumbleupon is not only a community with thousands of online users but their are some sites which published popular stumbled post spreading your Killer content to many places which ends up giving you lot of backlinks and a great amount of exposure in the online community.

If you can come up with a decent post then you deserve traffic and stumbleupon is the right way to go. Therefore, here are some of my stumbleupon tips which will help your post go virally on Stumble upon community. I will be writing up about other ways to gain Thumps up to the post very soon.But for now these are some simple tips which you must follow:

Don’t always stumble your blog post

Stumbleupon has quality users and stumbling your own post would make no sense and mark you as a spammer, your account can be deleted or you may be restricted to Stumble your own post in the future. Have a SU toolbar installed in your browser and as you browse Internet Thumbs up any interesting post.

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Stumble 5-10 random sites and then stumble your own post. Yes, you will also give some traffic to other sites, as well contribute to the community too.

Make friends and fans sharing thoughts

If someone stumbles your post, visit their profile. Add them as friends and message them frequently (don’t bug them! :P ). This way you have chances of getting your future posts a lot of good traffic. It is not necessary to message everyone, just do this once in a while and make friends who have similar interest as you.

Stumble videos and pictures

How many times have you stumbled a video? Just once in a while  stumbling videos and photos will make other users to be interested in your stumbling process and they will definitely look you as a member with interesting stumbles.

Stumble Stumbler’s post

In case someone stumbles your post then visit there profile and thank them. Also you can stumble the stumbler’s profile which is another good way to gain exposure and build a bond with SU community.You can also Stumble some 5-6 favorites of the stumbler. This way you will also develop a good reputation in the community and expect your killer blog post to go virally.

The tips are endless,you have to just your common sense and work it out perfectly. This isn’t tough but it just takes some time. Don’t go stumbling 1000’s of pages everyday – Just make sure you have patience and just build up a good profile in front of the users and share similar interests.

Ah! One more thing you can do to get decent traffic is ask your blog reader to stumble the post, this does generate good amount of traffic ;)

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