Savannah State D2L

Here you will find a detailed explanation of how to use Savannah State’s D2L (Desire2Learn) system. Savannah State University uses D2L, an online learning management system, to improve student access to course materials, communication, and overall education. This post will provide you with the knowledge necessary to successfully utilise Savannah State D2L. Whether you’re a first-time user or a seasoned pro, you’ll find something useful in this tutorial. Okay, so let’s begin!

What is Savannah State D2L?

Let’s have a firm grasp on what Savannah State D2L is and why it matters before we go into the intricacies.The D2L platform at Savannah State University is a virtual meeting place for faculty and students. It’s a one-stop shop for everything related to a course: readings, conversations, homework, tests, and more. D2L provides a welcoming interface that is meant to improve communication and collaboration in the classroom.

How to Access Savannah State D2L

Here are the easy steps you need to do to get into D2L at Savannah State:

  • Go to Savannah State University’s main website by firing up your preferred web browser.
  • Try looking for a button labelled “D2L” or “Desire2Learn” on the main page or among the list of available options.
  • To access the D2L sign-in page, click the provided link.
  • Please use the fields below to enter your username and password for Savannah State University.
  • To enter your D2L account, use the “Login” button.

After logging into Savannah State D2L, you’ll be able to explore the many options available to you. Let’s have a look at the fundamentals and figure out how to get around them.

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My Courses

The “My Courses” tab serves as D2L’s homepage, where you can see a list of all the classes in which you are enrolled. In this area, you will have easy access to your courses’ syllabi, discussions, and grades. Simply on a class’s name will take you into that class.


Course Materials (including Syllabi, Lecture Notes, Readings, and Multimedia) are Presented and Organised by Instructors under the “Content” Section. The course material for each class will be organised differently, either modules or folders. Follow the links in the course’s content tree to reach the resources you need.


The “Discussions” tab facilitates virtual interactions between lecturers and their students about course-related matters. There are online discussion boards built into each course where students may ask and answer questions and engage in group work with their instructors and classmates. You may join a debate by clicking the forum’s “Add a new topic” or “Reply to this thread” buttons.


The “Assignments” tab is where teachers may post homework, projects, and tests that students can access online and turn in for a grade. In this part, you may access assignment information, submit files, and check on your comments and grades. Remember to hand in your work on time and according to any specific instructions your teachers may have given you.


Online quizzes and tests may be created and given by teachers with the “Quizzes” function. Here you may access your quizzes, review your previous efforts, and check your comments and grades. Make sure you give yourself enough of time to finish the quiz by reading the instructions carefully and answering all of the questions.

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In conclusion, D2L at Savannah State University is an essential tool for students. It’s a quick and easy method to connect with your class, talk to your professor and fellow students, and monitor your own development. You may make the most of your time in school by getting to know D2L’s features and navigating it efficiently in order to maximise your learning opportunities. If you have any more inquiries or issues, please contact Savannah State University’s technical support staff. Have fun and succeed in your studies!