SSD vs HDD for Gaming, Which is best for you

When choosing a storage drive for your gaming PC, it can be difficult to figure out what is best for you. Here, with the hard disk drive (HDD) in the game Solid State Drive (SSD) I will explain the difference between.

Impact of storage discs on games

Storage discs contain preloaded files for your games and online games. You need enough storage space to store all the data you hold on your game or computer. Both HDDs and SSDs store data, but the two storage drives are based on different technologies.

Comparison of HDD and SSD

Generally, HDD is suitable for games. As long as you have enough space on your HDD to store your games (currently the average required capacity is 525GB) and it’s fast enough for graphics, that’s fine.

It is the read time that the HDD does not behave like the SSD for games. This is because SSDs do not need to rotate the platter to detect potentially fragmented data.

In the following video, PCs using HDD and SSD are lined up side by side to compare the loading of games.

There are other options besides choosing between HDD and SSD. Depending on your budget and the need for fast read times, you can also use a combination of internal and external drives with different configurations of HDD and SSD.

Other benefits of SSDs suitable for gaming

SSDs also have other benefits that are not directly related to the game. SSDs are more energy efficient and therefore generate less heat than HDDs. With SSDs, you can reduce the amount of cooling required for your gaming computer.

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SSDs also have the advantage of being more durable than HDDs when you move your computer or move from place to place on a regular basis.

SSDs definitely outperform HDDs in read time. If you want to start the game faster, use the Crucial ® Advisor ™ tool or the System Scanner tool to find the best SSD for your computer.