The Bentist, Dentist Ben as a TikTok Star

The Bentist

Dr. Benjamin Winters, splendidly renowned as “The Bentist”, is an American orthodontist, TikTok icon, magnificent YouTuber, Instagram star, and one of the influential personalities of social media. As an orthodontist he is skilled to deal with tooth and jaw irregularities. He treat people of all ages especially children.

Biography of the Bentist:

Although Benjamin winters has not talked much about his life but he said once that when he was 13, he had to get braces due to irregularities and unevenness in his teeth. He found orthodontist to be so fascinating and attractive. From that day he was determined to become an orthodontist. To treat people with irregular teeth and jaws became his passion. He completed his studies from the University of Oklahoma and is currently the member of American Association of Orthodontists. According to him he loves treating and correcting people’s irregular teeth and let them smile like a cherished cat.

Short profile of Titktoker Bentist:

Tiktoker Bentist was born in Texas which is the state of USA. His religion is Christianity. He is happily married and has a zodiac sign: Sagittarius. His is an ethnic white with hazel eyes and brown hairs. He’s got only one sibling. In 2019 he was declared as best orthodontist by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. He is currently working at Wincrest Orthodontics. This is actually a team of orthodontists who make braces and treat people who have irregular teeth. He is expert in using new and advanced technology while treating crooked and uneven teeth.

How old is tiktoker Bentist?

His date of birth is 23 December 1990. Therefore as by march 2022 he is 32 years old.

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How The Bentist gained popularity:

Much of The bentist’s popularity owes to the social media platform of tikTok. In 2k19 he uploaded is first video on Tiktok and hoarded much fame. Within a day he got 100,000 followers. His fans adored him on making his profession, his passion and creating fun for his patients. His reputation reached its zenith within 24 hours, due to the fact that he uploaded quick motion pictures at the platform showcasing dental care workouts to his fans. Apart from tiktok he also started his YouTube channel named as The Bentist. He has got 2.69 million subscribers on YouTube. Kids enjoy his company and treatment because of his jolly type of treatment. Additionally he has an Instagram account with over 1.1 million followers.

Net worth of tiktoker Bentist:

After becoming a social media sensation and star, Dr. Bentist fortune increases to a large extent. His net worth is approximately between $100,000 and $1 million. Despite of being active on multiple social media platforms, the Bentist has never indulged into controversies and maintained his immaculate popularity.

The Bentist aspirations:

Tiktoker Bentist aspires to make Wincrest Orthodontics as top braces making place in Texas and he also aspire to open more offices. In side is office there is a friendly environment where his patients could make their very own TikTok videos.

Tiktoker Bentist’s family:

The Bentist did not talk much about his family. Only his wife is often seen in his videos. His wife name is Megan Winters, who is a popular tiktok star like her husband.

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