7 BEST Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online

Watch Anime Online

Watch Anime Online, For years, home entertainment has evolved thanks to easy access to different online platforms.  While some like to binge-watch using Netflix, its library catalog may not be as extensive, especially if you are on the hunt for manga and anime. So, it is no wonder that anime fans are always on the lookout for the best platform to watch their favorites and discover new titles. However, keep in mind that having a lot of selection is not the only main thing to consider. Of course, your security and privacy when streaming should be the top priority. If you are still on the search for the best streaming sites, then look no further! We did the hard job for you by compiling the best anime streaming sites you can use for free without compromising your safety. Check out the list below!

1. MyAnimeList to Watch Anime Online

MyAnimeList is the go-to place for people who want to be introduced to anime and Japanese culture. This website claims to be the largest online anime database in the world, with tens of thousands of titles to choose from. When you check out the website, you will see that it will provide you with insights. For example, you will see tons of reviews, anime rankings, as well as a schedule of upcoming anime titles. So if you are someone who likes to discover new titles to watch, this website is the way to go. A lot of its users find reviews from other fans whenever they hunt for something new to watch. Indeed, MyAnimeList is one of the best anime streaming sites.

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2. AnimeLab

For classics and anime remakes, AnimeLab is another website that caters to all types of anime fans. The website also provides a simulcast schedule, so you do not miss out on your favorite titles live. The server has a clean interface, which makes it easy to navigate for first-time users. Though this website is free, you should set up a VPN to access it. Make sure to switch your VPN to Australia or New Zealand since these are the only countries that AnimeLab is available.

3. Soul Anime

Soul Anime is another site that has all the major and famous titles. With its comprehensive media library and easy to use interface, it is no wonder that millions of people visit the site every month. Animes like Hero Academia, Dragon Ball Heroes, and Black Cover are only some of the things you can stream. Plus, the website will provide you with daily updates of episodes.

4. Anime Heaven

For a collection of HD anime, Anime Heaven is the place to be. Unlike other websites, you can watch anything without answering any surveys. If you are someone who likes to stream using a mobile phone, Anime Heaven can support it without affecting the quality of the videos. Enjoy seamless browsing for anime with an SSL certificate. True to its name, you can enjoy binge-watch your favorite shows without ads interrupting. You can catch your favorites in real-time, with both dubbed and subbed versions.

5. 9anime

Like the other anime websites, you can stream videos with minimal ads. Don’t worry though, since it will not affect the user experience. 9anime has also extra settings that you might find useful, like toggling settings from light to dark mode. You can also stream videos in English dubbing. The website also lets you sift through different categories, like genre, release date, anime that are trending, and quality.

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6. Animefreak

Animefreak has everything you need when it comes to anime and manga. To provide a one-of-a-kind user experience, it has partnered up with different manga sites for easier access. You can also create your anime list by creating a free account. This website supports any browser and lets you watch videos without buffers.

7. Animeshow

Like the other websites featured in this article, Animeshow has a myriad of collections for you. You can easily search anime by genre or popularity. It even gives you a summary of the title, with basic information such as the airing status and when it came out. If you are the type of person who can not decide on the spot what anime to watch, then its randomizer button can look for you. Check out this website, and you might find a delightful surprise when you use the randomizer!

Why Watch Anime Online?

For some, anime is more than something that you can watch and then get over. Especially for fans of Japanese anime, the storyline and detail of every frame are unmatched. Other people would think that anime are only for kids. But the truth is, there is an anime for every genre you could imagine, which makes them timeless. Whether you are someone who wants to watch anime for a change or a long-time streamer, these websites can help you cope up with boredom!