What Is VPN – Purpose, Principle Of Operation And Advantages Of VPN


The abbreviation VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, VPN is a technology that provides an encrypted connection and works over the Internet. You can connect to it from anywhere in the world. VPN allows you to anonymously browse sites blocked in a particular region. In simple terms, a VPN is a secure technology that will allow you to bypass legal and geographic restrictions while using the Internet.

Why Is It Needed

The legislation of some countries provides for blocking the list of sites, although for most citizens of these regions they do not bear any harm. Often such web portals are used for entertainment purposes, and sometimes for educational purposes.

How VPN works

VPN technology is most often used in cases where the IP address of the user’s computer does not have access to certain sites.

After starting VPN, using a browser extension or a special program, the IP address changes to the IP server of another country – France, Germany, Great Britain or any other. Start your VPN free trial and get connected to the world without any restrictions.

Eventually, if you decide to get a paid version, there are providers on the market that offer great VPN deals and coupons – so you can save great discounts when purchasing.

Once connected to a private network, a secure connection is created that cannot be blocked by the ISP. This allows you to anonymously browse any sites on the Internet, even if they are blocked in a particular region.

How to use VPN on a computer

PC users can access VPN using one of the following methods:

  • Install a VPN client on your computer ;
  • Add the appropriate browser extension .
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To use the VPN client, you first need to download the appropriate program from the Internet and follow the installation instructions. Next, launch the client, select the region whose IP address will be borrowed, and then connect to a secure network.

Once these steps are completed, you can launch your browser and enjoy complete anonymity on the Internet. 

What is the catch of free VPNs

Everyone wants to make money on the services they provide. Developers of VPN programs and browser extensions are no exception.

In most cases, access for using the technology is paid, but the amount is not so big. Choosing a paid or shareware VPN, you will reliably protect your data from theft and ensure the comfortable operation of all branches of the enterprise, regardless of their physical location.

If you are only interested in free Virtual private network, in this case it is worthwhile to figure out what risks you may encounter in the process of using it. Yes, the money in the wallet will not decrease, but the desired site will still open.

Service owners who provide services free of charge earn through cooperation with partners who are interested in transferring user information.

How to choose a VPN

To choose the right service, you need to be well versed in the main selection criteria. Experts recommend following these tips :

  • Choose paid VPNs that guarantee complete anonymity and security on the network.
  • Pay attention to the registration time of the service provider’s domain (the sooner the better), as well as monitor reviews about it on the Internet.
  • Choose services that offer connections from Europe and North America. Such communication channels are considered faster and more secure.
  • Check VPN on a special service WhatLeaks.com. It should not show the user’s real IP address.
  • Do not use applications for smartphones and tablets that require root access.
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I tried to explain as clearly as possible such a term as VPN: what it is, why it is necessary, what advantages it has. Now you know how to use it on your computer and mobile phone. I hope that after reading the article you have no questions left.