How to Find Out Who Is Accessing Your WiFi Network? [Software]

Someone is having access to your WiFi network will send chills down your spine, because, as you know, there are possibilities of your WiFi network manipulated in a blink of an eye — even if you have password-protected the WiFi connection.

The consequences of losing your WiFi network to others are obscure. Firstly, these WiFi intruders can steal your internet bandwidth and slow down your internet connection. But the gruesome part is where these intruders can have license to access your PC and fete upon your privacy.

Needless to say, you can evade these intruders by blocking access with the advanced router settings. However, if you are not sure if someone is actually stealing the internet from your WiFi network, then here is a freeware tool to help you out.

Zamzom wireless network tool scans the wireless range and shows the number of devices connected within the WiFi network. You can perform fast scan or deep scan to see the number of IP and MAC addresses of every computer that is connected to the WiFi.


The tool can be upgraded to paid (pro) version to access additional functionality, but I believe the free version should be enough to find out who is accessing your WiFi network and does a pretty good job in finding the WiFi intruders.

So, next time if your high speed internet connection is bogged down, or if you are suspicious if someone is accessing your WiFi network, then use the Zamzom wireless network tool to dig out the truth.

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Download Zamzom wireless network tool (Only for Windows OS).