How to know if someone made a video call on Messenger? – Simple method

if someone made a video call on Messenger?

For some time now, social network applications such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger have had video and voice calls. Thanks to these types of calls, many people keep in touch with their family and friends regardless of whether they are in different countries

On many occasions when we try to make a call of this type, it is possible that we have some inconvenience such as that it is not possible to connect the call or that the call is busy.

In this article, we will show you how you can find out if a contact you want to talk to via video call is on another call from the same Messenger application and how to deactivate them in your account if you do not want to receive this type of call.

What should I do to find out how long a person has been on a Messenger video call?

This specific option is not available as the option to disable the video call camera in Messenger for any social network as it would be like breaking the privacy rules of other users. Sure, there is a way to tell if someone is still on a video call if you’ve already tried.

if someone made a video call on Messenger?

When you call a person from Messenger and they are busy on another call, the application alerts you that this contact is on a call. Therefore, if you want to know an estimate of how long that person’s call lasts, you can try several times until they answer you and thus you will know in part the duration of the call.

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How do you know if a Messenger friend is talking on a video call?

Sometimes you may want to talk to someone through Messenger video calls, but you may think that this contact is on a call as well and you don’t want to get in the way. So you can know if a certain person is on a call.

On Android devices

To find out if this Messenger friend is in a video call, you can open your Messenger application on your phone and you will search for the chat with this contact and enter. Being already in the chat, you will try to call him to see if he is on a call.

If this person is on a video call with another person, Messenger will tell you that they are busy on another video call. In case you do not want to try this procedure because you think it will answer you, you can write to her through this same App to remove your doubt and offer to call her at that moment.

Using your iPhone mobile

if someone made a video call on Messenger?

With an iPhone cell phone, you can also use this method that we explain to you in the Android system since this is the most effective way to know if someone is in this type of call.

On the computer or PC

Now, if you are going to try it on your computer, you will have to search for the official Facebook page and log into your account. Here you will proceed to find who you want to call by video. This you can do from the search to be made easier to find it or find it.

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When you find this person, you will be able to try to call him or call him to find out if he is on a call. If he is, you will be informed that he is busy on a video call.

When a person is not connected in Messenger can he take a video call?

When a user appears disconnected in Messenger, they can still answer your call since if the phone has internet access they can receive the call and answer it as long as the person wants to do so.

There is also the probability that the person is used to using the Facebook and Messenger accounts in a hidden way and appears to you as being disconnected when it really is not. If this is what you are thinking you can send him a message by Messenger to see if he is active in the application.

Why is it that when I call a Messenger user it appears that they are busy or on another call?

if someone made a video call on Messenger?

If when you make a video call to any Messenger contact and you get busy or on another call, it is more than clear that you are in a video call with another contact on the same platform. If this is not the case, it may also be that you have disabled the video calling option.

Also, sometimes that person lets the call go because they are busy with something else or an emergency has occurred. However, the fact that a call appears busy does not mean that they have blocked you, it may be that the platform has an error and does not notify you that you are calling, or that the notifications have been turned off.

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How can I disable Messenger video calling temporarily?

Sometimes you may want to turn off voice and video calls just like you turn off message ignore . Maybe because they spend a lot of data and you have to render them for the whole month or you simply want to deactivate them so as not to receive them and that’s it.

If you are going to deactivate them, then you will have to do it from your computer because this function is not yet available in the Messenger and Facebook Apps.

  • You will enter the Facebook page and start your session there.
  • On the home screen you will look for the tab called chat that is in the lower right.
  • When loading this section, click on the Settings icon , then look for Deactivate video and voice calls .
  • Now you will have to choose the amount of time that you are going to deactivate them to the one you prefer.