Several Ways to Remove Ticker From Facebook

It is not easy to embrace new changes. And if you are one of them who doesn’t like the Facebook design, especially the real-time news ticker on the right side of Facebook, then this article is for you.

Whether you have a Mac OS or Windows computer, the procedure to remove and disable ticker is relatively easy to achieve.

How to Remove Live Ticker From Facebook

It’s not just the ticker but the new design, revamped timeline, changes in news feed and much more is grabbing negative headlines. Changes are a part of Facebook, and if you don’t like it, then you’d be better off customizing your Facebook profile with these nifty addons.

        1. Mac Firefox users can use Facebook Side Ticker Remover to get rid of the real-time ticker. Download Greasemonkey and then head over to this page to install the script. That’s it! This is the last time you’ll see the live ticker again.


        1. Google Chrome users can use this chrome extension to remove the ticker instantly. Around 15,000 users have installed this extension in a few days, which speaks of the volume of users who are invariably disliking the new Facebook changes.


        1. If you’d like to customize Facebook and keep it clean, then check out FB Purity, which is available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.


        1. Unannoying Facebook is yet another Google Chrome extension that lets you block the live feeds and help you customize your Facebook profile.


      1. If your Mac has enough room for another browser, then check out RockMelt, which is an open source social media browser. You can chat through the customized sidebar, access Facebook from a tab and have a nice Facebook experience overall (although you can’t hide the ticker automatically).
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