Advertising On Blogote Is The Most Comfortable Way To Reach Your Target Audience!

Dear Advertisers,

If you are interested in reaching new customers, gaining credibility online, generating more traffic to your product or services, then this is your chance. After four years, we have finally opened our doors for advertisers like you!

We have some amazing secrets and insights to share, but for the time being let’s concentrate on some of the super-important things you should know about Blogote. Sit back, relax, as we take you through our journey.

Hi, My Name is Sidharth

…also known as Rockstar_Sid on Twitter. I am the main guy behind Blogote. What started as a blog to help people to make money online quickly turned into a blog covering all the latest happening in technology. The site grew at a phenomenal rate, and it changed my life.

You see, I was not always a geek. I was more of a marketing guy. But I keep up with and follow technology regularly, and one day I finally said to myself, what the heck? I love technology, gadgets, Apple, and I like to write. Changing site’s vision and goals brought me wide reputation.

And now, I am a full-time blogger.

Which means I manage Blogote for a living. It has been an amazing journey so far.

Answering The Most Difficult Question

Why should I advertise?

Advertising brings credibility, visibility, helps you reach potential audience, etc. — you probably know all this, but let me expand the question a little bit further…

Why should I advertise on Blogote?

Here’s why:

1) We Are Popular

We never talk much about ourselves, but here’s the truth: we are really popular online. Started in 2008, we have seen tremendous growth over the years. Bangalore Mirror, a leading newspaper in South Asia, featured us in 2009 for our achievement in blogging field.

Popular technology sites like TechCrunch, ComputerWorld, International Business Times, ReadWriteWeb, Download Squad (acquired by AOL) have linked to our articles. We are something, you know.

Over half a dozen bloggers interviewed Sidharth (that’s me!), and here’s the best part: we are among the top technology blogs in the world. And hey, this wasn’t easy — it takes a lot of dedication and work. Here’s how Technorati has ranked us:

  • Rank no. 42 in Gadget
  • Rank no. 76 in Info Tech
  • Rank no. 120 in Technology

2) Get Audience Like Crazy… Every Day!

Blogote has received a total of 20 million pageviews in four years, and the number seem to grow as we speak. We have lots of repeated visitors because we giveaway a lot of stuffs. Search engines love us.

We have over 1100 RSS subscribers, and there are 3900+ fans on Facebook.

Blogote handle on Twitter has 3500 followers. Add another 3000 followers to that. Then we have approximately 15000 pageviews every day. Daily 10000 unique visitors. Phew, that’s quite a number we have shared with you!

3) Here’s The Best Part: We Offer Something Special

We offer you more than banner ads. We offer you value for your investment. And how exactly do we do that?

Once you have placed an order, you will get the following:

  • A blog post written around your product/service.
  • A 125×125 banner ad on the sidebar.

The blog post is permanent — it will stay forever on this blog. We will treat you as our Sponsor Of The Week. The 125×125 ad on the sidebar will be visible on over 2000+ pages, and we will keep the ad for minimum 15 days. We are always open to custom requirements.

For more information, queries on pricing, please connect with us using the email address given below.

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