Amazon’s Kindle iPhone App To Allow Audio/Video Embedding

By Jim Roberts | Apple

Amazon has announced that the Amazon Kindle iPhone App has been updated to allow for the embedding of audio/video to its e-books. The feature can be tested through its sample titles including “Dan Browns’ Lost Symbol” and “Treasure Island.

Individuals who get to use the free Kindle application either on their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad can choose from 13 titles in order to get a taste of the upgrade features of the Kindle app.  The 13 e-books all go for $9.99 per title.

The titles that were released include 5 travel books from Rick Steves, a well-know European travel author and Avalon Travel publishing house.  There’s also the knitting book for novice, an e-book that talks about bird songs and a book that details the presidency of former US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  The said titles were released on Sunday and can readily be downloaded at Amazon.


Now, each one of these e-books makes use of the audio/video feature in their own way using Amazon Kindle App. The knitting book for example offers 6 instructional videos, while the book on President Roosevelt has embedded audio files of the former president’s speeches, about 30 of them. The Beatles book on the other hand contains 21 music tracks and it teaches acoustic guitars to novice musicians.

Finally, the Rick Steves books narrate the author’s travels. In this newest Kindle edition, the audio/video of Rick’s travels through London, the ‘Rick Steves’ London e-book, the user can listen to Rick as he explore London and its famous sites and this narration allows for the reader to have a more in-depth experience.  This is according to Bill Newlin, a publisher from Avalon Travel.

For now, only 13 titles are available for use with this new app but Amazon is hoping that this upgrade will allow authors, publishers and readers to take advantage of it and maximize interaction. According to Dorothy Nicholls, director for Amazon Kindle, it’s only the beginning and they intend to forge ahead with the expansion and look forward to what authors and publishers will come up with in order to take advantage of this newest kindle upgrade and satisfy kindle users.

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