Apple HTML5 in Action: Blowing off The Competition

By Jim Roberts | Apple

Apple is certainly geared up to battle Flash, they have recently posted a few interesting HTML5 demos that showcased what can be achieved by the software with a little know-how.

Developers maintained the user-friendliness of the program, advising that there is no need for technical knowledge in order to achieve tech savvy web applications that are pleasing as well as can handle cool features and multimedia effects.

Apple developers argued that technologies “that are the web” should be used as such.  These technologies can range from videos and images to beautiful web fonts plus hi-tech layouts that can rival those of top magazines in circulation as well as panoramic images.  Apple guys have been certainly working more — a top executive during a recent D8 conference announced that the company has developed a desktop WebKit that is already Opera, Safari and Chrome supported.

Another good thing about this WebKit is that it is also open-sourced and is readily available for anyone who wants to take advantage of its features. The showcased HTML5 demos exhibit the capabilities of the software that rivals that of the Flash, perhaps even better.


You can make use of a desktop Safari on a Mac OS X or Windows platform to try the demos.  You can also use mobile Safari on your iPhone, iPod or iPad to check it out.  There is a good video player that can play any web video without the need for a flash player or third-party plugins. The WebKit is able to decode H.264 or Ogg files directly.

Videos can be embedded on web pages simply through an HTML5 code and custom playback options can be inserted as well. There’s even an option to zoom in and out of streaming videos.  Safari also supports streaming thru HTTP and thus the software is able to choose the best stream to fit your network conditions. When played on an iPhone the videos that have been imbedded via HTML5 is launched in the iPhone’s media player but if you are using iPad it is streamed inline.

The demos also included other media including streaming audios, clear panoramic and 360-degree Google street views as well as CSS3 transitions, unique and beautiful rendering of image galleries as well as a variety of layouts, fonts and High Definition Trailers. The company seems to have invested a great deal of effort to ensure seamless flow of these demos.

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