Expect Apple to Launch The Most Wackiest iOS “Smart Watch” Next Year

By Sidharth | Apple

Enough of smartphones. Tablets. Phablets. Laptops. And computers. It’s time to innovate the wristwatch segment, and if the rumors are true, Apple is planning to dominate the world of watches by launching a new “smart watch” next year.

According to a Chinese site Tech.163, Apple is seriously considering to develop a smart watch that can help its existing users to connect to Apple devices — iPhones, iPads, etc. — via Bluetooth. Apple will need someone’s help though and, once again based on the rumors we have, Intel will be joining hands with the Cupertino-based company to build these next-generation of smart watches.

The smart watch will sport a 1.5-inch PMOLED display and a unique band, large enough to comfortably fit our human wrist.

Apple’s smart watch will not be another iPad Nano with a third-party wristband attached to it. This product will be different than anything we have seen so far. Rumors are rife that besides the Bluetooth connectivity, the smart watch will also have a trimmed down version of iOS.

Apple-branded Bluetooth Smart Watch - Black Color

iOS Smart Watch — Wish it was real!

Many of the smart watches in the market today cannot answer calls or read text messages, but Apple already has a system in place — thanks to the series of successful products they have released over the years. We assume Apple’s new gadget will be similar to Sony’s LiveView watch, which works only if you have an Android smartphone, albeit Apple’s smart watch requires iDevices like iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

After pairing an iPhone to smart watch via Bluetooth, anyone can pick up calls by holding the wrist watch close to their face. Tech.163 also claims that Siri will be integrated to Apple’s smart watch. It makes perfect sense to us — Apple hasn’t given up working on Siri yet and, for all we know, Siri is continually improving since it was first launched last year.

All said and done, note that these are speculations — so take this information with a grain of salt. However, news is that Intel has been working on the next-gen mobile chips for smartphones and tablets, so this rumor definitely has legs. If ever Apple launches smart watches, we hope it’s useful and, more importantly, affordable.

Apple’s Bluetooth watch is said to release in 2013. Are you up for it?

Via Tech.163 [Chinese site]

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