Apple iPad 2 Launching in 2011 [Confirmed]

By Sidharth | Apple

With 7 million sales (and counting) under its belt, Apple has enjoyed its share of success with the Apple iPad device. But the journey doesn’t end here as the reports of Apple iPad 2 rolling out in few months are now grabbing the headlines. Although there are two version of the stories, but it is a confirmed report that Apple iPad 2 will hit the stores soon.

According to Gregg from Computer World, the iPad second generation device will roll out in April, 2011. There will not be any massive redesign and the outer design will be kept intact, essentially similar to the current iPad.

Apple iPad 2

There will be dual-cameras attached, also the iPhone 4 Retina display feature is inherited onto the iPad 2. Although there’s no mention of the 3-Axis Gyroscope, but this may fit in into the next iPad.

However, the guys over at T3 has a different tale to tell. A reliable source seems to have informed T3 that the Apple iPad 2 will be made available pre-Christmas. The hefty contract fees will be slayed, as the iPad 2 will have an inbuilt SIM facility.

The doors are open for the Apple iPad2 to integrate dual-cameras and FaceTime video calling, that’s for sure. And by building up anticipation around the iPad 2, Apple might as well gain substantial lead in the tablet market (not that they are behind now).

It will be interesting to see how the iPad 2 fares against the original iPad and of course, against the rest of the iPad killers.

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