Apple Launches Mac App Store

By Rahul Dowlath | Apple

It’s finally arrived: the much-anticipated Mac App Store, the desktop version of the popular, game-changing and trend-setting App Store for iOS. Announced by Apple CEO Steve Jobs in late-2010, the new Mac App Store aims to do to the Mac platform what the App Store and the app culture did to Apple’s popular iOS devices.

On Apple’s homepage, you’re greeted with the promo-image of the new Mac App Store, with the words “The Mac App Store. Now open”, with the trailing copy stating that there’s “more than a thousand apps for your Mac — from your Mac.”

The new online store does require Mac OS X Snow Leopard, and the latest version, 10.6.6 is required (the OS X update was released simultaneously with the launch of the Mac App Store).

This latest offering from the innovative fruity company is set to be another game-changer. Back when the App Store was released for the iPhone, it instigated a major shift in the mobile market, essentially playing a pivotal role in this new generation of the smartphone. Rivals¬† Research in Motion and Nokia, and the myriad number of mobile phone makers that support the Android platform, scrambled to develop similar offerings. Essentially the same concept wrapped-up in the guise of a different name, these rival app stores aren’t close to the amount of apps available from the App Store on Apple’s iOS devices.

With the launch of the Mac App Store, we can safely predict another surge of development from desktop rivals such as Microsoft, and various distributions of the open-source Linux system, as they once again scramble to follow in the wake of the trail-blazing Cuppertino powerhouse.

Amongst the initial offering of apps on the new store are the popular Apple apps from the iLife ’11 suite ($14.99), each available separately (unlike the boxed versions, which package the apps at a set price). Also available are the three iWork apps ($19.99), and Aperture 3 ($79.99). Highlighted on the store are also apps from Autodesk, which recently released AutoCAD for Mac.

Given Apple’s past record of influencing the course of technological development in the consumer sphere, it’s possible to extrapolate the opening of the Mac App Store’s virtual doors as the beginning of a new era where the purchase of software will no longer be restricted to physical DVDs, and purchasing the latest apps for your desktop (or laptop/notebook) computer through an online app store will become commonplace.

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Simply Ridiculous January 12, 2011

Another move by apple to trap their buyers in a prison of apps. It is sort of a monopoly!! You cannot buy from anywhere else!!

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