Apple’s New iPad Launching in the Holidays? Tablet battle is on.

By Jay Shah | Apple

So, is Apple finally going to break its yearly release cycle, which it has so religiously stuck to all this while? Probably yes, if reports from the Appleinsider website are to be believed. Apple has always tried to keep its customers guessing, by launching products and updates at various times of the year, sometimes when least expected.

But if the new iPad is actually launched these holidays, they will be treading a safe ‘launch your product when people are in buying-mode’ path, which is what most companies do. But for several reasons this move may be what Apple is planning for the iPad.

After all, the new iPad cannot be too much of an upgrade from the previous version. Yes, face-time cameras and retina displays will probably be there, but that hardly changes the core product. So, as a standalone launch, the iPad may lack the novelty factor which is so very important for tech products.

Also there is a pressing need to launch an iPad with face-time cameras, because while the iPhone4 and iPod Touch already possess it, the iPad stands as the odd one out. So, people are expecting a quick update from Apple and again, the best time to do that is probably the holiday season.

Tablet battle: Apple iPad Vs other tablets

At the same time, there are quite a few Android tablets which will enter the scene by the end of the year. Though this is not to say in any way that they will (or can) challenge the iPad, Apple may not want to take a chance. If it is between the revamped iPad and an untried Android tablet, you have to choose during holiday shopping, which one will you go for? Silly question isn’t it?

Apple  probably does not want to give Motorola, Blackberry, HP, Microsoft and the likes to cash in on its relative absence (with new offerings) from the tablet scene during the holidays. And most of all it does not want Android powered tablets to gain any sort of mileage and that is for sure.

So, there is pretty good reason why these reports may be true. If they are not, well, you just have to wait a bit longer for the new iPad!

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