Apple’s iPhone Pushes Android Back to Become the Most Widely Used Smartphone in the US

By Sidharth | Apple

Although incredible number of users are switching to Android-based smartphones, Apple’s very own iPhone is still hard to ignore. According to the recent report from Kantar, the sales of iPhone 5 has thrusted iOS to the top of the list. Today, 48.1% share goes to iOS while Android sits at second position with 46.7% market share.

Quite surprisingly, the tremendous response to iPhone 5 comes not from new but from existing users. Over 60% of US iPhone 5 sales came from users who already owned an iPhone.

The iPhone 5 has also been trending this year for several reasons. Sure, iPhones, like any other smartphones, are adopted every day, but the report notes that 13% Android and 6% Blackberry users have switched to the new iPhone. Probably it’s more of a personal choice, as iPhone 5 brings a larger screen, 4G support, a new chip, and a whole new iOS 6 experience.

iPhone is now the widely used smartphone in the US.

And it took Apple only 12 weeks to beat the daylight out of Android. If you remember, the new iPhone 5 is already sold out in Indiahere’s why. But that doesn’t mean users embracing iPhone 5 are happy. There are complaints — lots of them — surrounding the new iPhone 5’s iOS. For instance, users are not able to connect to WiFi, the battery doesn’t last longer, there’s a massive cellular data consumption, and many more issues — some trivial, and some not so.

However, Apple’s “schedule-driven” approach is another strong reason the iPhone (and other Apple products) are quickly adopted by the consumers. Not to forget the loyal users and fan-following Apple has — when asked more about upgrading smartphones, 92% of the iPhone users said they will choose an iPhone the next time they upgrade.

The definition of smartphones is changing — it’s not about physical keyboard or ability to email that contributes for a perfect smartphone. Today, iOS and Android (and Windows Phone 8, to some extent) have given unlimited power to consumers. We have been exposed to all sides of smartphones these days, and as the year 2012 concludes, we expect more innovative products from Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

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