Change iTunes 10 icon to a New icon [For Mac Users]

By Sidharth | Apple

This year, the focus was on iPod event introducing the new line of iPod’s along with the release of iTunes 10. However, the iTunes 10 — with customized UI and the new Ping platform — fails to gather positive remarks for the new icon.

One look at the iTunes 10 icon and you’ll come to know that’s not the best shot from Apple. So, for those of you who hate the new iTunes 10 icon might have look out for something more colorful.

Change iTunes 10 icon on Mac OS


A2591 have come up with a new logo inspired by QuickTime that might be something you’ve looking for. To install the icon on the latest iTunes 10, follow the instructions:

Remove iTunes from Dock. Download our new icon and expand zip file. Right click the iTunes software and select “get package contents” from submenu, Open (contents > Resources) folder and put new file (after back-up original icon for restore) Add iTunes shortcut to your dock.

Update: Mashable have scoured the internet looking for beautifying the iTunes 10 icon. The instruction to change icons of iTunes 10 on Mac and Windows is posted here.


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