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By Sidharth | Apple

Want to sound cool? How about being your own in-house DJ, and treat the rest with your awesome music remixes? That’d be thrilling! And its possible thanks to Mixxmuse – Free App for the wannabe professional DJ made for Apple iPad.

We have seen Soundation DJ studio – a easy to use online DJ mixer, but Mixxmuse brings in a whole new DJing experience right on the iPad and all this for free. You’ll be creating music with your own hands and make multiple real time loops to multiply the music effect.


Mixxmuse is the best DJ App for iPad

Although creating music depends on one’s own creativity, but Mixxmuse makes it very easy for anyone, even with no base knowledge, to create their own music mix instantly.

You can add tracks, change the volume, use equalizer, make loops and add beats to your music – And, all this gets even more easier thanks to the touch-sensitive screen of the iPad.

Need a demo? Check out this video from the developers of Mixxmuse.

I am very sure as in the real Pro-Dj’s out there would love to play with Mixxmuse. It’s for everyone and it’s completely free!

Mixxmuse is in alpha stage and a lot more features are added up constantly. This app is definitely among the few that is a ‘must-have’ for the iPad.

Download Mixxmuse App (iTunes)

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