Fill Forms Easily From iPhone Using Keyboard Shortcuts

By Sidharth | Apple

Isn’t it easier to type from a physical keyboard than the iPhone’s touchscreen keyboard?

Take for instance, signing up for a website from an iPhone. This requires you to fill the sign up form while making sure that you escape the autocorrect feature, type in your email address correctly, add a valid phone number (requires you to switch from alphabet to number mode), and occasionally copy / paste your home address.

Here is a really useful trick that I have been using to fill online form, sign in to my gmail account, register to new websites and forums from my iPhone’s Safari browser.

Instantly Fill Online Forms on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

You can use the keyboard shortcuts for filling text fields automatically on your iOS device. Probably not a lot of people know about this, so here’s how to enable keyboard shortcuts on iOS 5:

Step 1: Go to Settings -> General.

Screenshot of iPhone Settings

Step 2: Scroll to find Keyboard — tap on it. Now go to Add New Shortcut…

iphone keyboard menu

Step 3: You will be requested to add a Phrase and a Shortcut. In this scenario, I will add my email ID as the Phrase and assign “ee” as shortcut.

Keyboard alternative iPhone

Whenever I want to log in to a website from my Safari browser, instead of typing the complete email address, I will type ee and enter spacebar. This will automatically fill the text field with my email address.

This simple tip can be useful to fill your home address, which is probably longer than your email address. You can also use these shortcuts with your iMessage. And of course you can assign unlimited keyboard shortcuts, which eases the task of signing up online.

Note: The keyboard shortcut will not work on passwords, unfortunately.

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