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By Sidharth | Apple

Iphone 3G is one of the coolest device from Apple.Though it is costly in countries like India but still lot of people have a go at it mainly due to its beauty.As Iphone is already popular,lot of developers and companies created application for Iphones.The latest iphone 3G has some freeware application for making things easier.One problem with most of the device is that they don’t handle standard formats,they have their own format.For this reason converter software are used.Iphone has a lot of converters like Iphone video converter,Iphone ringtone converter and here is another one which creates and converts audio files into free ringtone for Iphone.


iRinger a freeware for Iphone that lets you convert and create 30 second ringtones from any audio or video files.You can also exports ringtones to iTunes.This works with Microsoft Windows including Windows Vista platform.

The process of creating the ringtone is pretty simple,just download iRinger application and then import the song which is in any format like mp3,rm or wma,preview it and export the converted audio file.You can convert any audio files format to iphone compatible format in seom seconds.You can also adjust the length,volume of the ringtone or give a fade in,fade out effect.

Download iRinger ringtone creator (zipped)

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