Buying Movie Tickets Using Siri is Possible on iOS 6.1

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There are apps in the iTunes App Store that lets you watch movies right from your iOS devices, but if you prefer watching movies in theatres as it is much more comfortable, then allow Siri to book tickets for you.

Booking Tickets using New Siri on iOS 6.1

Using Siri to book a movie ticket in the US.

The iOS 6.1 firmware, currently available to Apple developers, comes with a new feature which makes booking movie tickets possible through Apple’s personal assistant. An iOS user can command Siri to book any number of tickets of movies playing in nearby theatres, after his/her device is upgraded to iOS 6.1.

But Apple doesn’t buy tickets for you. They are simply integrating Siri with Fandango, a prominent company in the US renowned for offering movie tickets over the telephone and the Internet.

One can always ask Siri about the movie or theatres nearby to obtain more information. It is possible to select convenient time to watch movies, purchase multiple tickets and learn more about the movies, although payment can only be made through the Fandango application. Anyone will be able to purchase tickets only if they have the following installed:

  • iOS 6.1.
  • Fandango app.

Note that iOS 6.1 isn’t available for download yet, but it should be here by the end of this year. Siri on iOS 6 and iOS 6.0.1 already displays showtimes for movies.

Siri can only book tickets only in the US, which means the rest of the users outside of US have to wait for Apple to join hands with local movie tickets provider. Sure, talking to Siri to get tickets sounds convenient, but one can always use Fandango app to directly purchase movie tickets.

Not every iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users will be able to buy movie tickets, primarily because of Siri which is available only on a few devices like iPhone 5/4S, iPad 4/3, and the new iPod Touch 5G. However, rest of the devices can still use Google’s voice search app to learn more about the films playing in local theatres (works worldwide).

Do you think this is a logical step from Apple? Do you intend to book tickets using Siri?

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