Get iMac Hard Disk Drive Replaced Quickly Using AppleCare’s Onsite Service

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The old iMac with Defective Hard Disk Drive

For the uninformed: Apple is replacing internal 1TB hard disk drive of your iMac at no additional cost. If you have an iMac (with 21- or 27-inch display) that was purchased in between 2009 and 2011, then verify if you are eligible for this program. Please do read the following posts for additional information:

Replacing iMac’s Hard Drive at your Convenience

The biggest problem, and probably the most annoying one, is to carry our iMacs to the Apple Store. Lugging an iMac to Apple Store that’s very far from your place can be challenging. But you can always request onsite service.

This service is available for customers who have already purchased AppleCare for their iMacs or for iMacs that are under warranty. If you have a faulty hard disk, don’t invest your time visiting the store — call the Apple customer care, explain that you’d like to get your iMac’s hard disk replaced with a new one. A ticket will be generated and a message will be sent to your email ID.

One of the representative from Apple Authorized Service Providers will contact you, tell them the problem and request for the onsite service. They will send the Apple Engineers to your home.

It’s a shame to see customers waiting for weeks to get their iMac’s HD replaced. For instance, Dale Cooper says:

The turn around time at the Fair Oaks Apple Store is only 2 weeks! And yes, according to the Apple phone rep it’s perfectly acceptable to be without a computer for that period of time.

The benefit of onsite services is that the Apple Engineers will be carrying a new disk when they reach your place, and within one to two hours they will replace the older hard disk with a newer one. Remember that AppleCare isn’t really cheap, but if you want extended warranty for your Mac, it’s worth the price.

On Backup and Transferring of Data

We said this already, but Jon has something to say:

While it is great that Apple is going to replace these defective hard drives there is a catch. They (apple store) will not transfer the data from the old drive to a new drive. If you take it to an authorized independent service center there will be a charge to transfer the data ($89.00 in my case).

It gets worse, both sources tell me it will take 24 – 48 hours to complete the process maybe more since they need to have Apple send them the replacement drive on a case by case basis.? Since our Mac is used to run our business this means our business is SOL for an extended period of time plus we need to pay to have the data transferred. Plus there is the issue of data security.

Yes we can back up the drive on the time capsule, the time to do this is 12 – 14 hours, then another 12 – 14 hours to reload. That takes our business off-line for 72 – 96 hours or more. This is unacceptable.

Apple will not send us the replacement drive and allow us to replace it ourselves, which would save in drive time and waiting for replacement drive at service center.?The bottom line is, while Apple is nice enough to replace the drives, the process is not well thought through and leaves all Mac business owners in a world of hurt if they rely on their Mac as we do.

Apple would do well to find a way to reduce the impact of their poor choice of hardware on the consumers.

The 27-inch iMac we have has been replaced with a new Seagate HDD. Oh yes, we had to backup everything by ourselves — took us about 6 hours though!

Were you asked $89 for transferring data? Did you face any problems during the replacement? Share your thoughts through the comment section below!

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