How to Transfer Photos From iPod Touch 3G to Computer Easily [Wi-Fi Required]

By Sidharth | Apple

Transferring captured photos from iPod touch 3G to the PC was not an easy task. I had to take the pain of using desktop software that promised transferring of photos would be a breeze. Well, it certainly wasn’t easier.

While the hunt to find a decent freeware program  is on, here’s an easy work around method — without connecting iPod to your PC — to transfer captured photos that are in the wallpaper section of your iPod touch.

Transfer Photos From iPod Touch to PC

For this you need to have an iPod touch with Wi-Fi access (Setup Wi-Fi Router). Once you’re connected to Wi-Fi, visit the ‘Appstore’ from the homescreen.

Search for the app: ephotos free as shown in the screenshot below. It’s a free app that lets you select photos in different resolution, for iPhone and iPod touch, and send those images via email with a single click.

IMG_0030 IMG_0031

Once done with the download and installation of the ePhotos app- tap on the ePhotos Free icon and set the resolution of the photos. You can then select photos from your iPod touch picture folder and also add the entire photo album.

IMG_0033 IMG_0034

Add the email address you wish to send the photos to — and the app will automatically queue them up in the outbox. You can now check your email from the PC and download the attachments. That’s it! Might sound like an tedious task at first, but ePhotos app is definitely useful when it comes to transferring photos to your friend.

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