How to Use Your Existing SIM Card on the iPhone 4

By Jim Roberts | Apple

Okay Guys, the article below was written by my cousin from the UK, he was giving me instructions on how to convert my mini sim to be used for iPhone 4.

From: Andrew…

I never thought I’d see the day where I’ll be happy to be living in the United Kingdom. Imagine my surprise when Apple gave me this reason for rejoicing! Apple offered unlocked units of the coveted iPhone 4 and its predecessor the iPhone 3Gs in my country, France and Canada. Yes, I am a lucky man!

However, the iPhones do not come with free SIM cards. At first I was very happy for this news, until I realized that the new iPhone do not support the same mini-SIMs I have used on my previous phones. I called my carrier for a micro-SIM card, but I was informed that it will take them time to release micro-SIMs.

Oh how devastated I was! I thought my new beautiful iPhone 4 would just be a useless brick which I cannot use. For a few hours I moped around the house – until I saw the light! I came across an article on how to convert my mini-SIM to a micro-SIM for the iPhone 4. Immediately I purchased an extra SIM, and tried the steps out. After five easy steps, I am now using my new iPhone 4!

Here are the steps I used to make my own micro-SIM:

  • Get a mini-SIM, a ruler, cutter knife or scissors, filing tool, and a marker pen. The mini-SIM would serve as a “practice” unit, because the SIM’s chip is very delicate, and a single move could permanently damage it. Once you’re sure you know what you’re doing, you can do it on your real SIM.
  • A central circuit is the most important part of a SIM. The iPhone 4’s micro-SIM measures 12mm x 15mm. Measure this area around the circuitry with a pen and ruler. You should make sure that the size you’re cutting is the size indicated in the SIM tray of your iPhone 4.
  • Run a cutter along your marked lines. Be very careful that you don’t cut parts of the circuitry.
  • Tear of the excess parts of the SIM. If you’ve done it properly, your SIM should now be the size of a micro-SIM. Use a pair of scissors to cut it properly.
  • To soften the edges, use a filing tool.

With precision and patience, you’ll be able to make your own micro-SIM like me to unleash the powers of your iPhone 4. Try it yourself, and see how rewarding it is to use a SIM you have molded yourself.

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