iPad: Now Making Serious Inroads into the Corporate Sector

By Jay Shah | Apple

Over the ages business users have been among the first to adopt smarter technology. Until now laptops and netbooks have been their first choice. But if the latest reports are anything to go by, this may be changing soon as Microsoft and Intel may be in for some serious competition from Apple’s iPad.

More and more companies are buying iPads for employees, who would till now be eligible to get company-laptops. However, these trends have not yet been reflected in sales reports or financial statements but are more like true stories/events taking place at various firms. 

The Wall Street Journal reveals that a law firm in Chicago has more than 50 iPad – wielding attorneys on its payroll and also plans to stop issuing laptops to employees by the end of the year. According to stats revealed by Apple, more than half of Fortune 100 companies are in the process of testing or deploying iPads.


It is also an interesting fact that nearly 5% of all iPad apps currently in circulation are basically business apps. And they are quite popular too! For example, a free app made by Citrix Systems which allows users to access corporate programs, has been downloaded more than 145,000 times.

These stats may be impressive, but how do they reflect a sea-change, if any, in the way companies are approaching mobile computing?

Well, first off you have to consider how the corporate has thus far resisted the use of savvier tech (perhaps?) such as the iPhone for streamlining their business processes. Compared to the unwillingness to adapt (and the fact that they are still clinging on to their BlackBerry devices) this new approach is quite amazing.

And why is the corporate finding love for the iPad so easy to show off? For one, Apple has put in serious effort to make the iPad safe for business use, by improving encryption and security standards. Now, even the data on a lost iPad can be remotely deleted. Moreover, iPads boot almost instantly, are cheaper than laptops by a country mile and are definitely more portable too.

Let’s wait and watch how quickly this transition happens and more interestingly how Microsoft and Intel respond to save their business!

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