Easily Free Up Storage Space on Jailbroken iPhone Now

By Sidharth | Apple

Searching for a free file cleaner for your iPhone?

Storing music videos, audios and your favorite movies is enough to use up the allocated storage space on your iPhone. For the most part, the available iPhone disk space is not enough to store everything.

Given that iPhone doesn’t come with an expanded memory slot, the only way to add up extra space is to free up the allocated space. In other words, removing data from an iOS device is probably the quickest way to earn additional storage space.

After you have deleted big files and media content, you can utilize the freed up space again. You can now install apps and heavy games on your iPhone.

Better Way to Recover Storage Space on iPhone

A better way to free up space is to use Cydia app like iCleaner. Apple iPhone jailbroken users can use iCleaner app to remove junk files from their iOS device.

All the redundant, cache files and temporary files that become a part of your iPhone’s storage space will be completely removed. Be careful while using this app though, as it will also remove Safari browser’s cookies and deletes the browsing history.

Apart from deleting cache files and database information, iCleaner will also delete apps log files and crash reports that are stored on your iPhone. These files may not be of huge size, but there may be hundreds of such files, and permanently removing these files and other data from an iOS device can only help you reclaim space.

Even the partially downloaded apps, tweaks and plugins will be deleted automatically. iCleaner provides in-depth cleaning facility by removing older browsing history of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

Using iCleaner…

After you have downloaded a copy of iCleaner from the Big Boss Repo,  tap on the icon that appears on your iPhone’s homescreen. Tapping on Analyze will analyze the number of useless files and the disk space it has utilized, which is very useful for those who actually care about older data.

Once you tap on the Clean button, the app will delete the hidden data stored on your iPhone.

Cleaning Files

After hitting the Clean button, I was able to recover 49MB of space — not bad, especially considering the fact that these files were removed from Safari browser.

Disk Space Recovery

Download iCleaner: Head over to Cydia app, tap on Search. Now type in the keyword iCleaner to download the app.
Requirements: iOS 4.2.1, iOS 5 or higher firmware.
Tested on: iPhone 4S.
Works on: iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 3GS/3G, iPod Touch 4G/3G and iPad 1 and 2.

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