Love the New iPod Touch 4G (Fourth-gen) Model

By Sidharth | Apple

During the Apple keynote today, Steve Jobs said that the iPod touch is Apple’s most popular iPod and then, of course, unveiled the new iPod touch fourth-gen that has major improvements over the iPod touch 3G version.

In addition to this, Jobs also announced the iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano and itunes 10. However, the new device: iPod touch fourth generation captures my attention as it is almost similar to iPhone 4 (no calling feature, of course).

For starters, this new iPod touch 4G will come with an A4 processor for delivering better performance and then the iPhone4’s super-high-resolution Retina display along with dual cameras: front facing VGA Camera features FaceTime support while the rear camera is capable of shooting HD video.


And we all know that the iPod touch battery drains out pretty quickly (especially while multitasking), so Apple has taken care of this by introducing battery that last long with 40 hours music playback (30 hours in iPod touch 3G).

Now that we could record HD videos – I think 32GB would be the best deal to go with as the extra storage space could come in handy.

By the way, the official page to buy iPod touch 4G along with other music and media devices will be up very soon and you can order them by next week. Speaking of which, the price of iPod touch is slightly increased (only for 8GB model) but this surely looks like an convincing upgrade.

  • 8GB iPod Touch 4G: $229 in Apple Store.
  • 32GB iPod Touch 4G: $299 in Apple Store.
  • 64GB iPod Touch 4G: $399 in Apple Store.

It is clear that iPod touch fourth-gen — with the extra crisper screen, camera, HD video recording and powerful A4 processor — is a winner already. I really wish I had waited a little longer before buying iPod touch 3G. But oh well, I might buy this one 😉

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me September 3, 2010

it is a winner for the most part. however there is one very important thing missing: a *good* camera! yes it has a still camera but it is only .7 megapixels! The still camera was the main thing I was looking for in the new iPod Touch. The rest of it is a great bonus but a decent camera for uploading pictures to facebook was the main thing I wanted. The device could have been just as thick as the iPhone for all I care I just want a decent camera!

still though, all the other stuff looks pretty convincing. I might just update anyway. I have a feeling though that next year Jobs is going to come out and say “Everybody was complaining about the camera so now we have a 5 megapixel version!” and then I’d feel stupid for buy this one. Oh well though we’ll see I guess; if nothing else, my 1st Gen Touch still works just fine

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