Mac users Baited by Google to use Chrome Instead

By Jim Roberts | Apple

Chrome logoDid I just fail to notice before or was it really a new thing? Have you tried visiting the home page of Google on your MacBook’s Safari? Coz I just noticed that there is a little if not small advertisement found on the homepage that promotes Chrome, Google’s very own web browser.

At first I assumed that this is just a tech war between Google and Apple, but when I opened Google in Firefox, same ad appeared.

In Internet Explorer, however, the ad is not visible. I assumed again that this luring ad has already been done in Windows. I came to know that since December, there has only been a single certified version of Google Chrome for Mac utilities. The reason for hanging in line by Google is that they maybe waiting for any reported flaws or defects. Should Google prefer to make that small message in bold, they could have placed it in a more strategic location and not just in the top right corner only.

Chrome is advertised by Google as a better and faster alternative in finding one’s way through the Web. This would probably confuse some Mac users as the Safari is still described and touted by Apple as the fastest web browser in the world.


Today, this version is only comparable with an outdated Firefox and still no Chrome as reference. Browser speed tests showed that Chrome is superior over Safari and Opera no wonder Google really has the rights to be proud, although credits may still be given to Safari as the test was performed using Windows Internet Explorer.

In a few formal speed tests for browsing speed, some details have yet to be disclosed. If Chrome for OS X is claimed by Google to be superior in speed compared to the Firefox and Safari, the details must be revealed especially when the downloading feature is not dedicated and focused on a fancy new video.

I think I would really want to see Chrome’s performance on Mac. The competition may be tough and the luring may even be tougher for Google. Apparently users of Safari browser (default browser in Mac) have not at all reported of any incident of dissatisfaction. If figures may help and if you may want to know, 11% of the users of Mac and 18% of Windows browse the web via Chrome.

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Albert Freeman May 18, 2010

If they made more effort to blend into the UI properly, then I’d consider it.

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