Market Demand for the iPad Grows Stronger

By Jim Roberts | Apple

Even though it’s been days since Google I/O conference where Google’s attacks on Apple are getting serious, there has been a tremendous wave of positive news about the iPad.

In fact, the success of Apple iPad is so amazing (We’ve said it so many times) that recent analysis reports revealed that Apple is selling more iPads than Apple Macs every day. Not only that, the level of sales that the iPad has and is generating is nearing that the level of sales for the iPhone.

ChangeWave recently released a report stating that the pattern of increasing demand for the iPad is going to continue. The report is based on a survey of more than 3,000 consumers and second study made up of 153 new buyers of the iPad.

ChangeWave’s report shows that 16% of the e-reader market already owns an iPad. That’s certainly what Apple iPad was targeting and has been successful! The pre-launch survey showed that 4% of the consumers will Very Likely purchase an iPad and that 9% will somewhat likely purchase one. The new survey, however, showed that 7% of the participants will very likely get an iPad and another 13% are somewhat likely going to buy one.

Out of those who recently purchased this tablet from Apple, ChangeWave got a sample group of 153 new iPad owners. Out of these 153 people, 73 respondents said that they are very satisfied with their iPad. This result for the level of satisfaction for the users of the tablet is already coming up close to the level of satisfaction for iPhone users.

Also, IDC published their prediction that 7.6 million media tablets will be sold this year. This figure may go up supporting reports that reveal more positive news for Apple. As media tablets are developed, more applications for these devices will evolve as well and it follows that consumers will now see these items as must-have gadgets.

Mike Abramsky, an RBC market analyst forecasts that iPad’s sales will reach the 8 million mark this 2010. This is 3 million more than what they previously indicated. He continues by saying that Apple is selling more than 200,000 iPad’s a week. This is more than the number for when Mac’s were released years ago. It’s iPad everywhere!

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